Dec 25, 2011

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Stephen Reid To Host AMA On Reddit

Reddit bills itself as “the front page of the internet.” While that might be a stretch, it has definitely caught on as a bit of an underground social network, somewhere between usenet and Facebook. Or something. Topics of every kind can be found here, and it’s all user-generated.

There has been a Reddit dedicated to TOR for some time, and it can be found here. It’s been a source of some great discussion during the development of Star Wars: The Old Republic, including links to “things” I’m certain BioWare would rather not have had seen out there during the Game Testing program. None the less, it’s a lively place with tons of passionate fans discussing the game every day.

Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid has decided to bravely venture into the the fray this coming Wednesday, December 28th at 2:00PM Austin Time (Central Standard Time) to host an AMA. That’s Reddit lingo for, “Ask Me Anything.” And while I’m sure the “ask” part will be covered, that doesn’t necessarily mean Stephen will be able to AEYA (Answer Everything You Asked). I’m sure he’ll give it the old college try, however!

This is a (welcome) trend with game developers recently, as ArenaNet’s Jon Peters helms an AMA for Guild Wars 2. As a matter of fact you should check it out so you know what to expect.

So mark your calendars for Wednesday and see if you can get ‘ol Rockjaw to spill his guts!

  1. A little typo. This will be on the 28th not the 8th ;)

  2. I have to wait a whole year for this AMA?

  3. Are you sure you meant the 8th of December, not the 28th or the 8th of January?

  4. Yeah, quick question..why is there a world of Warcraft advertisement on the site ;P

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