Dec 23, 2011

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Launch-Beard Daniel Erickson Talks To Giant Bomb

Much as Zip-Line Attack Batman is an enhanced version of the original, Launch-Beard Daniel Erickson is everything we knew before, plus more! This new-edition Daniel Erickson took some time with the guys from Giant Bomb (which we’re big fans of, by the way) to discuss anything and everything about Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The 30-some minute interview in classic Giant Bomb fashion also has Daniel talking about his experience as a gamer and generally going above and beyond what we might see in a mainstream interview. Definitely a must-watch for hard core TOR fans.

  1. Great interview! I especially loved the story about people bonding over ls/ds decisions in instances.

  2. I really enjoy interviews where you can see that the people designing games really enjoy gaming themselves

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