Dec 23, 2011

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James Ohlen On The Near Future – New Flashpoint On a New Planet + Operation Expansion

I’ve not even generated my Legacy Name yet, and Game Director James Ohlen is already talking about the first true content patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic – coming sometime next month!

Taking to the Community Blog, Ohlen throws down a few hints as to what to expect. First up is a new Flashpoint on a “brand new world” which sounds like the Taral V scenario (on a planet you can’t otherwise travel to.) But hey, at least it’s new content!

He also teases an expansion of the existing Karraga’s Palace Operation, more than tripling its size. Does that mean the version in the game now is being replaced, or literally expanding on it? We’ll see soon!

Head on over to the Community News blog for the whole read.

"Hey guys, another big droid! What do we do?"  "Kill it."

"Hey guys, another big droid! What do we do?" "Kill it."


  1. Um, am i the only one who noticed the thing at the top of that “droid?” It’s not a droid. It’s a battle suit with a HUTT in it!!

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