Dec 19, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Have You Chosen Your Crew Skills For Fun Or Profit?

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While many of us are already on the servers, progressing through the story and leveling our characters and Crew Skills – there are still those waiting to play TOR on or after the launch date (tomorrow, December 20th)! Even for those of you who may not be in game yet, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about your upcoming Crew Skill choices.

For many, the Crew Skills will be the primary source of income as well as creativity. For others, they will be the optional thing to do for fun. There are already players who are speculating on what is the “best” leveling combination and which Crew Skills are the “easiest” to level. While most of the information is speculative, one shouldn’t ignore it as it may bring some insight and turn out to be very successful. R2-Db’s has a nice page on Crew Skills to suggest what things might go together – check it out. This shows the recommended combinations of the crew skills in order to maintain the full production line on your character – from resource gathering and missions to the final stages of crafting.

Some players decide to go another route – they pick up three gathering skills and flood the Galactic Trade Network with their harvested materials up for crafter’s grab. At least for now, all combinations are highly viable and useful – so my advice to you if you haven’t decided on Crew Skills yet – pick whatever seems like fun to you. But at the same time, don’t be afraid to experiment as they can be unlearned and new ones picked up free of cost!

So with all of that in mind, we want to know – how will you choose your Crew Skills? Based on fun, or the potential profit you can make? Discuss! (Oh, and visit the columns from Zlatto and Momus if you want more in-depth reading the topic!)

Do you/will you choose your Crew Skills for fun or profit?

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  1. Profit, but already asked. :) I remember Zlatto saying both because for him, making profit was funny.

  2. Fourth option. Some of my toons are in it for profit but for some it’s just fun or practicality. Depends on their personality. Multi-racial “family” that shares together for different reasons.

  3. A solid question
    I made a lot of assumptions early on, and now that we have it running I can say my for fun/profit statement still stands. I am still not able to get a good read on the more obscure parts of the GTN.

  4. Fun AND profit. Havin’ fun makin’ a profit! Also, i just like to be able to make my own armor, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  5. is just plain usefulness not an option? fun and profit are all well and good, but practicallity is where its at

  6. Dirtyshadow says:

    My main will gear either for leveling and/or endgame reasons…if I know endgame in advance, which i dont for swtor.

    My Alts, do it for fun and/or profit… they either for mucking around, or they are to primary to funnel money into my mains.

  7. Both for me as well, though mostly fun rather than profit at this stage since I haven’t ventured too far into the auction scene.

    Each character has their own personality in this game, at least for me, and their profession choices often reflect that. Serious characters end up with professions that benefit them regardless of earning potential, while alts that I’m just messing around with are all dual gather + slicing for profit.

  8. Would wish a 4th option, practically for me . I chose Cybertech with Scavenging and UW trading because im planning to do a lot of PvP endgame, the stun and dammage grenades will be very usefull then, besides I can upgrade my own armour and weapons with mods and enhancments.

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