Dec 13, 2011

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Facebook Tracks Of The Day – 500k Facebook “Likes” Milestone Surpassed!

On the first day of Early Access, my true BioWare gave to me: 8 tracks from the soundtrack! By passing 500,000 “Likes” on their Facebook page, we got the added bonus of 7 extra tracks!

Nar Shadaa, The Playground

Tatooine, The Desert Sands

Alderaan, The Throne

In The Escape Pod

Doe Azalus Ootmian

The Occupation of Balmorra

The Battle for Coruscant

Hoth, The Frozen Wastes

BioWare is releasing one track each day from the game until launch, and it’s of note that these are tracks that are not included in the Collector’s Edition sound track! So if you gotta get ’em all, make sure to check back every day! And don’t forget to “Like” TOR on Facebook to have them delivered right to your wall.

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