Dec 13, 2011

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BioWare Posts New Player Guide + Game Manual For Star Wars: The Old Republic

Since today is the very first day that players can log into Star Wars: The Old Republic, at least in a live environment, BioWare thought it might be a good time to release an all-new guide to help out players who are new to the game.

The guide covers the basics from answering the big question first: what is TOR? From there, it moves on to helping users get started, playing and advancing through the game.

Before you begin your journey in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, you’ll need to decide what type of environment is best-suited to your playstyle and what type of character you want to play. In this section, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting your server, as well as walk you through the process of creating a your first character.

 You can find the New Player Guide right here!

In addition to the new player guide, BioWare has also posted an online game manual to help give a more in-depth look at features, controls, settings and troubleshooting among other things. This is a must-bookmark page that is sure to answer many of the questions you have without the need to wait on a customer service droid to get back to you. Check it out!



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