Dec 12, 2011

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Dr. Greg Shows His Colors For TOR (Both Of Them!)

Ok, heads up to the BioWare peeps: you have the coolest boss ever.

Today, BioWare Co-Founder and Co-Doctor Greg Zeschuk showed exactly where his allegiances lie – without committing to a thing! We know he’s already committed to Star Wars: The Old Republic, but by looking at the pic below, we still don’t know which faction he’s leaning towards!

Ok Greg, now go for a Mando crest on the other one!

Ok Greg, now go for a Mando crest on the other one!

In any case, when you get a tattoo it’s a serious commitment (unless you’re Tommy Lee.) It’s great to see the spirit of Dr. Greg firing on that level – it has to be the ultimate motivation for the troops!

And if I say so myself, that’s not a bad looking tattoo… hmmm… maybe it’s time!

[UPDATE] Not to be outdone, Live Producer Cory Butler does the same!

Take that Dr. Greg!

Take that Dr. Greg!


  1. :-O “wookie say what?!”
    omg! YES! YES! YES! :-D

  2. well i have every intention of getting an Old Republic Imperial tattoo but not the split one like that

    BUT OMG awesome looks amazing ;p

  3. You know, today I was just thinking about SWTOR tattoos. Now I may just have to consider this one. :-)

  4. Maybe he’s planing on playing all 8 classes?

  5. Is that the alliance symbol from world fo warcraft?

  6. Dr. Greg definitely went to a better artist hah. Very clean ink with good lines. But kudos to Mr. Butler for his commitment too.

  7. Dude, shave…


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