Dec 4, 2011

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Wild Space: Choice, Item Mods, And Gameplay

It’s a big galaxy our there, and Wild Space can be a dangerous place. Worry not, explorer – each week we’ll navigate you safely through the lost hyperspace routes of the Deep Core and track down the great articles and entertainment from around the SW:TOR fan community, all in less than 12 parsecs, of course!


Our good buddies over on TORWars turned me on to the fansite, where the crew has been churning out several great video guides for how to do different things in TOR. The most recent video describes how the item modification system works.

BioWare has stated that you could use your first lightsaber from when you get it, all the way up to level 50 just by swapping out item modifications to improve it’s stats. Check out this helpful video that explains how this process works from SWTORFace, as well as their many other guide videos on their YouTube page.

Corellian Run Radio

Over on Corellian Run Radio, author Maer posted his “two-cents” of the time he got to spend in the last beta weekend. Overall he liked the time he got to spend in the game, except perhaps for the lack of some guild features. Be sure to read the full article here. It’s going to be tough for all of us after this weekend when the beta won’t be around at all anymore. Early Game Access cannot get here soon enough!

Darth Hater

We all know that the key selling points of TOR is the engaging story and lasting choices. But are the choices that we make “lasting” enough? In an editorial over on Darth Hater, author Infamous argues that while the game has many lasting choices, we could do with a few more.

In a very well thought out article, Infamous believes that design decisions have been moving toward improving the quality of life of players and away from permanent choices. This is not necessarily bad, it just means that we may have to give up some meaningful character choices in order to get convenience.

This is most readily apparent during Advanced Class selection where you are able to change your advanced class selection, a cornerstone of your character’s very being, with the touch of a button. Please note that this feature is not included in the current build of the game, but it is quite probable that it will be included for release or sometime shortly after.

Is such change a good thing if it effectively makes your choices meaningless? Is it worth the sacrifice to have convenience at the cost of your character’s history? That’s what this article seeks to find out so I would encourage all of you to check it out on Darth Hater.

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