Nov 30, 2011

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Razer’s TOR Peripherals Available For Pre-Order Soon™

It looks like the wait might be almost over for those TOR fanatics who have been waiting to part with their cash and plunk down for the all-new Star Wars: The Old Republic peripherals from Razer!

Amazon has just launched their product pages for each of the items, showing several new photos and what appears to be a suggested retail price. These products are not available for pre-order just yet, but when a product page appears in Amazon like this, it usually mean that availability is imminent.

The entire line of Star Wars: The Old Republic peripherals from Razer includes:

  • Keyboard$249.99 – Experience ultimate power and attain absolute control with the technologically revolutionary Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Gaming Keyboard by Razer. Ten dynamic adaptive tactile keys intuitively present all your skills, macros, and hotkeys with matching iconography straight from The Old Republic™ MMO for faster key-bind accessibility. And the multi-touch full-color LCD track-panel below can be set to either respond to direct gesture input or display interactive in-game information for an exciting new way to experience the game.

  • Headset$129.99 – Hear the ambient noises of an alien world, the chaotic explosions in battle on Alderaan, or the iconic buzz of a lightsaber powering up behind you, thanks to the positional 5.1 surround sound power of the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Gaming Headset by Razer. Get clear, precise three-dimensional audio for the tactical advantage, preventing backstabs and pinpointing hotspots of action all around you.

  • Mouse$139.99 – The Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Gaming Mouse by Razer is also built with cutting-edge gaming grade dual wired/wireless technology to allow greater freedom of maneuverability when unwired without compromise on control or accuracy within the game. When the battery needs charging, switch the mouse to wired mode and jump back into the fray with zero downtime.

  • Mouse Mat$49.99 – Power and talent for the Force™ are nothing without focus. A hero without allegiance has no place in the galaxy. With the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Gaming Mouse Mat by Razer, choose to swipe either for the righteous good of the Galactic Republic or the ruthless domination of the Sith Empire. And secure your revered or feared status in the universe.

If you’re an avid MMO player, you’re likely already familiar with Razer for their fine products such as the Naga MMO mouse, and you know how great they are. We expect the TOR products to be even better, and we hope to get our hands on them for a review soon!

Until then, you could make one TOR fan extremely happy this holiday with any one of these gifts!

  1. Despite I don’t really like Razer (Logitech ftw.), I really like the keyboard!

  2. What the hell! They added 100 bucks to the Keyboard, went from 150 to 250!!!

  3. The look is totally cool, I assume functionality should be near perfect, but the price for each item is laughable IMHO.

    Not that I wouldn’t take all of the above if offered :D
    But seriously, not at a price slightly over my month’s rent..

  4. They’re available for purchase already, just ordered a few of the items, won’t be delivered until Dec 28th-Jan 10th

  5. gamerladyp says:

    Be a bit wary of the keyboard. I recommend you read reviews of their gaming keyboards and hope they’ve fixed a lot of the problems. I was really disappointed with the quality when I tried one out. It was pretty much non-functional with the number of keys that didn’t register when pressed.
    The Naga mouse is pretty comfy, but the thumb keys don’t work that well for me since I don’t keep my nails trimmed to fingertip level. Probably fine for someone without long nails. Ah, the perils of female gamers. LOL.

    • I actually have all Razer peripherals, and I like them. My Black Widow Ultimate has been great, and is a quality keyboard, though I know some people have a problem with keys getting stuck. There is a weird part with the angle of attack on my “2” button, but then I would jam that sucker hard during my time in WoW.

      I do like my naga but don’t utilize the thumb buttons enough now, but that’s lack of practice.

      And my headset is a Carcharias and it is the most comfortable thing I have ever put on my head.

      That gear is a bit pricey for me, considering that I want to upgrade my graphics card to a 580 and do some more fancy graphical work, but if I had the money I’d probably go for it.

    • My Razer Tarantula Keyboard lasted me 7 years of hard use before I had any problems with it.

  6. RevanRules says:

    The keyboard looks nice but not very productive and over priced. Macro keys are on right hand side instead of the left side. Right hand is for mouse not macros.

    $250.00 really, it should be $150.00 the most and it doesn’t deserve that price. Its all show and no substance.

    MERC Stealth keyboard outshines it with actual keys designated for MMO. LCD screen should have been on left hand side with macro keys.

    Mouse is also but got naga epic already.

  7. I agree big time with everyone commenting on the price. I think they over shot the pricing point by a minimum of $100.

    I’d never buy it just because I find the price borderline offensive.

  8. Seriously? It costs how much?……..

    These cost ALOT more in EU. In US it may be $250 for the keyboard but in EU its 250 Euro’s which is $335, that is insane.

    I was willing to pay more to get these, but with the “EU” tax and the fact the keyboard isn’t even available till sometimes next year, Ill be buying something that is more reasonable.

    They are shiney but so not worth it!

  9. Forget the keyboard’s price – $50 BUCKS FOR A MOUSE PAD?! O_o

  10. The mouse is the only thing worth it, I have a $50 headset and mic and I can talk and hear everything going in game.

    No true gamer will bother to use a touch screen as to do that you have to take a hand off the mouse to reach it and in fights you do not want to do that.

  11. It indeed looks like Papa Lucas won the negotiating sessions with Razer… there is no way these are worth the price, and do not hit the target market of gamers – at all.

  12. Lazybuddha says:

    If you go to the main website and pre-order it they give you a date when its in the cart it said “There are pre-order item(s) in the cart. Shipment of the ordered items may be delayed until 12/15/2011 for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Gaming Mouse.”

  13. they seem all overpriced just to attract some kind of customers to them, there are better quality equipment at the half price of that.

  14. Was realy looking foward to purchasing the mouse. I have been constantly checking their website for information on when it would be available (even told the wife that “Santa” needed to order/deliver it to me) but it is soooo overpriced it just makes no sense to spend that kind of money on it.

    Not that it would “break-the bank” for me but with that price it just screams “greed” and seems they are realy taking advantage of the Star Wars Community of fans. Pretty disappointed. Oh well, cancel my order Santa….lol (just my to cents).

  15. Looks like I don’t have to worry about price as the mouse and majority of the keyboard is made for the wrong hand.

    (You people comlaning about price have a valid argument…but….think how sad it is for those lefty among us. I had to pay a rediculous amount for a simple four button mouse made for the left hand.)

  16. Overpriced AND ugly products. I mean, who the hell will be dump enough to pay 50 bucks for a mousepad…

  17. I bought the naga a year ago it was cool but my hands would cramp up because they were too big, I ended up giving it to my brother he loves it. They really need to make one for bigger hands I would buy it again.

  18. I bought the naga a year ago it was cool but my hands would cramp up because they were too big, I ended up giving it to my brother he loves it. They really need to make one for bigger hands I would buy it again.

  19. Pricing is absurd and, to be honest, downright insulting. They expect me to pay more for the keyboard then i’m paying for a CE for myself and DDE for my girlfriend? Not happening.

    $50 for a mouse pad is just the silliest thing I’ve seen in a long time. This game is pure fun and I cannot wait for the 15th when I can play again. But these peripherals are not happening.

  20. Shatterhand says:

    Right. Because anyone playing this game needs a $250 keyboard for it.

    Come on…seriously? Yeah, it LOOKS cool, but for $250 it better come with a hot Twi’lek dancer and a tray of sandwiches.

  21. WhiteWarrior says:

    Only reason I would consider purchasing the mouse is if my WoW mouse wont work with TOR. Didn’t seem to be able to key-bind during beta, anyone have any insight on this?

  22. everyone complaining about the price must have forgot that its Xmas! just do what i did and make someone buy them for you!

  23. everyone complaining about the price must have forgot that its Xmas! just do what i did and make someone buy them for you!

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