Nov 29, 2011

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Raid Forming: Ask A Jedi + Torhead = Win!

Good news everyone!

I’m very excited and proud to announce today a new partnership between Ask A Jedi and Torhead, the newly launched TOR database site from the developers of Wowhead!

Torhead was created by ZAM which, among other popular MMO sites, runs Wowhead, the industry-leading database site for World of Warcraft. Over the years, Wowhead has become the absolute definitive resource for WoW players to consult when they’re in need of planning their gear, class guides or other progression for their characters. In fact, even Blizzard links to Wowhead from its very own armory!

Ask A Jedi (along with our good buddies over at TORWars) will provide news and content for visitors of Torhead, and together with R2-Db‘s social features, will create a solid knockout punch for Star Wars: The Old Republic players around the globe! Here on Ask A Jedi, you can look forward to tooltips and features direct from the Torhead database embedded within our articles.

So when it’s time to look up that new piece of gear or figure out which abilities you should take on your Advanced Class, don’t mess with the rest, go to the best – Torhead!

  1. Huh, hopfully this helps the community as a whole and is not ZAM trying to suck every good fansite and db site into them.

    • Zam is doing some nice stuff but both presentation and more importantly performance are lacking.. Both in comparison to the superior DB DarthHater by Curse. I know Zam has a track record but DH is superior in every aspect but one at the moment, community submitted data.

      Use both db’s and you’ll see, as big as Zam is they’re getting whooped.

      • I dunno… Curse still has the Force Wizard listed /boggle

        There’s no question the WoW community is with Wowhead and there’s no question that most of the TOR community is coming from the WoW community. TORhead will easily pull away, especially as you say, due to the user-driven content. That’s the real value IMO.

        Remember, Curse had to shut down their Wowhead copy db due to not having user submitted content. Torhead is already winning that battle again.

      • I dont trust curse.

  2. I am always cautious about a larger community reaching out to smaller groups but in this move i am supportive.
    Sure ZAM is a big group, but TorWars, R2-DB and AAJ are where I go for my content and I do not see any of that changing.
    My hope is that its more of a co-operative format. As each site has worked hard on carving a community supported niche.

  3. Oh nice! I always been a huge fan of wowhead and theyr work really helped for my theorycrafting, glad to see my favorite fansite and ZAM doing this! Will help for my JK.

  4. Great news! best mmo database now for TOR

  5. Royaldufus91595 says:

    i might be the only one but iwas looking through and The flashpooint known as the Foundry has Hk-47 and REVAN as bosses and reven is the last boss
    it even says the mission for this is empire only
    well i am for the sith but i would think this would piss off some republic people

    • I’d venture to say that your spoilers with no warning would piss off some people in general. I knew he was going to be some how be in game, but hopefully this is bogus news. I’d like some elements of this story to be a suprise.

  6. Here’s hoping some of this unification improves Torhead’s performance. It seems to be just dog-slow at all hours of the day, failing to load pages at all about 50% of the time.

    • Hey, Draknorr from Torhead/ZAM here. We’re aware of the speed issues. We’re working to solve them, today has been better but we’re still slower then we would like. We’ve had some issues with our current datacenter and we’re actually switching tonight. That combined with pushing code changes out incredibly fast (with not enough testing) has led to slowness and poor reliability at times. Basically we should have everything working great within the next day or two, and things are better now then they were 1-2 days ago.

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