Nov 29, 2011

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Played The Beta? Don’t Uninstall Your TOR Client!

BioWare Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid just tweeted a small – but important – FAQ for all Star Wars: The Old Republic players who participated in the most recent big beta weekend:

@Rockjaw – FAQ: if you played this weekend you do NOT need to uninstall the #SWTOR client. We are planning to patch it to Early Game Access / Live.

So save yourself another 30GB or so of downloading, and keep your files – you’ll be able to patch up to live and jump into the game as soon as the servers light up!

  1. Lady Republic says:

    Thank the maker! I was not looking forward to going through that again.

    • I’ve had to go through three downloads. However, know that I’m on the last is good.

      That was also a very, very shrewd way to get downloads for some million plus (I’m assuming) out of the way before the launch window.

  2. I’ll uninstall anyway if I can clear enough space on my SSD (sadly unlikely).

  3. Now he tells us. I uninstalled right after the beta ended :(

    I had some strange problems that no one else had during the test. And I think it was due to my patching the game and not re-downloading the entire thing this past weekend. I don’t mind doing the whole download over anyway, I’ll bet the patch will be huge.

  4. I am looking forward to a easy guide on how to clear the non-needed files out. After many a download and patch I know I have pieces not needed for go love and hate to waste any disk space

  5. I’m also wondering how to clean out unneeded files from the beta client.

    My Tor beta client currently uses 54gb on my 128gb solid state drive. I didn’t uninstall before the last giant patch so I’m wondering if I’m using up a lot of space for no reason.

    Any helpful Tor fans out there know if I do a complete uninstall, and then re-download and install the early access client whether it will free up space…or will that sit at 54gb as well?


  6. Very nice move on their part, and one that’s good for PR (if they can get the news out to as many as possible).

  7. They’ll be removed with the next patch probably. They would prefer to put a little bit of extra code in to delete the proper files than try to explain which ones to delete and possibly have hundreds of thousands having to download again.

  8. *facepalm* I uninstalled it just a few hours ago.

    I guess this will work even for those of us who pre-ordered a physical copy, so the DVD will end up just being a backup? That’d be rather nice, because I’m from Germany and had to order my copy from the UK due to hating localizations. Not having for the shipment to actually arrive in the pre-Christmas chaos and possible weather difficulties would be really neat, even if it means re-downloading the whole bloody thing, now.

  9. Royaldufus91595 says:

    i uninstalled too im hoping they give us a few days before to redownload

  10. I’ll uninstall as well, just to have the cleanest install possible for launch.

  11. just got an e-mail saying to uninstall. So am doing so. Will reinstall next (early access) and hopefully that will be that.

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