Nov 29, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Level With Us – How Far Did You Get?

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Well, it’s over. The big beta test weekend has come and gone, ending last night at 11:49PM Austin time. Literally every player that was interested and able to got a chance to play Star Wars: The Old Republic.

And since I know that you, my loyal AAJ readers, were probably among the first in the queue – as well as the last to be booted out of the game – it might be interesting to know what level you made it to.

As for myself, this weekend I managed to get my Trooper only to level 14, but I was unable to play part of the time due to the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. I suspect many of you got much higher than that! Or perhaps leveling wasn’t your goal, but rather trying out various classes to help solidify your choice of a main character come launch day.

Oh, and no cheating! Please only consider characters that you started this weekend, even if you are in the general Game Testing program!

In any case, let us know the level range you made it to, and drop us a comment on your experience as well!

What's the highest level on any character you reached during the big weekend test of TOR?

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  1. Having it on a big weekend for family stuff (And since I work in retail, Black Friday stuff), I barely got to play. Got to level 11 with one character. It was enough to make me sure I want this game though.

  2. I got a IA to 19, SW to 11, and a Trooper around 15 or so and I have to say the early planets for the Sith side except Hutta suck ass. I can easily leave Coruscant with any class at level 20 but for the Sith I would have to work hard to leave DK at 18.

    Then there’s Balmora like DK and Korriban where are the quests? For such a huge planet it’s actually pretty sparse on quests when you compare it to Taris, which is just as big if not bigger.

    • I’m not sure what you were doing, but even collecting all the datacrons, doing Zlatto’s early gathering quest suggestion, and all quests with bonuses I was still only at lvl 18. As a 100% completion freak I have serious doubts that lvling republic is currently easier than empire.

      Did you do a lot of early lvl pvp or is this experience from previous beta versions? If their really is a slight imbalance, I prefer the empire side because a couple space battles/PvP and I’ve out lvled my class quests

  3. I got far enough to get my riding training, and about 20 min before shut down I hit 26.

    I could have gotten higher but, I did level up an evil republic toon too level 12

  4. I enjoyed running up a BH to 10, and Agent to 7 and did more work on an existing Trooper.

  5. I started by getting a Trooper up to 20. This took me through the first section of Taris. I stopped because I didn’t want to discover anymore about a certain companion I had met there. I’ll save that for launch. I ran Esseles several times, so this put me ahead of the content level-wise for all of Coruscant.

    Then I leveled a JC to 10 to pick up Sage and try healing Esseles, which was kinda boring with just one heal, but that will change by the time I’m ready for Hammer Station I’m sure. Also leveled Smuggler to 10, but that was the last night, so I switched back to my Trooper and protected some squishies in some Warzones.

  6. let’s see I got a BH to 11, SW to 7, and Smug to 3 before I was no longer able to play any of my toons on that server (which was Saturday)

    then I played a Trooper to 17 and took the last few hours last night to get a SI to 7-8

  7. Lady Republic says:

    Barely got to play. :( Between being out of town and then trying to repair (and finally having to replace) spousal unit’s desktop, there was no time left to game. It’ll be here soon enough though, right?

  8. I got to 15 with my BH, which was further than I intended as I hated spoiling the storyline for later, but I just couldn’t resist. Played all other classes but none above 8/9.

    Finished the weekend spending an hour in char builder, deciding what my launch toons would look like and noting down the settings to do it.

  9. WhiteWarrior says:

    Got a SI to level 21, and a JK to 9. Went healing spec for my SI just to see how it felt in this game… tried healing Hammer Station at 18 and boy was it difficult, really made things easier once i hit 20 and got the insta-heal as well as the mana converter. I’m guessing healers wont really get a good feel for how their class heals until mid 20’s though. Otherwise beta was pretty awesome, put any doubts i had about the game to rest :)

  10. In previous beta weekends I cast my Shadow to level 29. This weekend I split my attention between three characters, leveling one exclusively with a friend and the other two in my off time. Sith Juggernaut level 10, Sith Sorcerer level 17, Jedi Shadow 12 (the one I leveled with a friend)

    Have to say this weekend was more about the multiplayer aspect for me and I was very impressed with how fun it was. Previously I had focused on single player only in this game, and was already hooked. Now it is a bit scary how much I want to get back in there with some friends. : p

  11. I got a JK to lvl 24, but couldn’t play Monday. I spend about 30% of my time exploring and experimenting with different professions. Didn’t like early JK multi target threat generation… seemed too weak.

    Side note: Beta made me decide on my profession combo. Assuming retraining still costs no credits. lvl 1-10 SCAVENGING, Bioanalysis, Biochem. lvl 11-50 SLICING, Bioanalysis, Biochem. lvl50+ Bioanalysis, Biochem and TBD mission.

  12. Got to 12-14 on one of each major class on sith.

  13. Got a smuggler to level 13 and that is all. Was gone most of the weekend so only got to play a few hours total.

  14. UrsusMajeure says:

    Got a SI/Assassin, BH/powertech, IA/sniper, and TR/commando all up to mid/high teens and also started a JK but abandoned it pretty quickly due to boredom. Enjoyed IA story as much as anticipated but TR and BH are also quite fun to play.
    On the profession skills side, I enjoyed most but found the mission skills really slow to level relative to gathering and crafting.

  15. Got my Inquisitor assassin to level 23. I’m sold :D

  16. I played each of the classes to get a quick feel for them before launch til level 8-10. I was hoping to narrow down my choices for my main but I think I’m just as torn as before. I purposefully stopped on each before finishing their first world so I wouldn’t ruin the story.

  17. I was more focused on trying various.

    JK – 19
    SM – 11
    SW – 10
    JC – 7
    TR – 3

  18. Got a Jedi sage and a Sith Sorcerer both to level 17. highly enjoyable. basically got thru the prologue of each of the stories, and i have to say it was a most enjoyable experience.

  19. Last weekends beta testing was approximately 36 hours long. Out of the 1,837 of those people who got in, voted here. And out of that 1,837, 10 people said that they got to level 50. I don’t know who those 10 people who voted “level 50” were, all I know is that I want to know the secret on how to beat the game in about 36 hours…

    • Oh yeah, and I personally got in grand total of game testing.

      Jedi Knight: Level 13
      Bounty Hunter: Level 5 (didn’t get much chance to play :( )

    • UrsusMajeure says:

      I also want that secret … but in all seriousness, perhaps they were in the same boat as me: having access to multiple Beta weekends, with character carryover? (I was surprised my characters from previous Beta weekends were still available last weekend, but they were)

  20. I loved the testing and my social life took a dive for it because I had limited time to play and wanted to enjoy the most of it.

    I played a Jedi Knight on the EU Server “The Cinzia”
    I rolled as Guardian and managed to reach 26 :) I feel proud :P

  21. JudgeMarek says:

    Jedi Guardian to 17, Sith Assassin to 17, and Imperial Agent Operative to 13. This game is too good for all of our well-being.

    See you all in-game. Happy hunting.

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