Nov 16, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Will You Take Time Off For The Launch Of TOR?

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It’s hard to believe that the official launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic is just over 30 days from now. Heck, if you count Early Game Access, it’s less than 30!

However, this specific timeframe for launch – so close to the Christmas holiday – has spurred some discussion. While some lucky workers and students have built-in time off around then, they’re also conflicted with the possible family and social time that usually comes with the season. But for the most part, especially since Early Game Access will probably start on December 15th, most players will still be up to their eyeballs in real-world stuff like school or work.

So that brings us to today’s question! Will you be taking time off from your real-world responsibilities, wether work, school, family or something else, to play TOR from the minute you’re able to? Let us know!

Will you take time off from school/work/other to play TOR at launch?

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  1. I’m currently just a part timer working for an 1 hour and a half a day so I have lots of left over time to play TOR.

  2. Old Bill Kenobi says:

    *cough cough* I’m sick…

  3. I won’t be taking time off though not from a lack of wanting to. Would if I could.

    I know of guildmates that have booked a couple weeks off after Christmas for nothing but TOR. Lucky…

  4. Unfortunately my girlfriend has a friend getting married on the 17th so I have to be out of town 16th-18th and will miss the majority of Early Access and with those three days off I won’t be able to get the 20th-22nd off from my work like I had initially planned :(

  5. For the first time ever…yes…time off.

    However, it’s mainly because I pre-ordered in a town I don’t live in anymore and I’ll have to drive there to pick up my physical game.

  6. Its a bit too close to christmas for me to take time off :( but i will be putting a lot of time in when not in work :D

  7. I’ve build alot of “vacation” time this year and with my company you have to use it or lose it. Well when they asked how much i had and when i wanted to use it, it was a rather no-brainer for me. So i’m off from Dec 14-Dec26 and get to work a bunch of night shifts where i can use my laptop at work and play then which is almost like being off with the holidays bookending that week.

  8. I have a feeling it will be a mixture of sickness and comp days

  9. Not at launch, but I have the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day off.

  10. Ratkinantics says:

    Booked it off on the same day the release date was announced…

  11. I live in an RV so….”wait, I can’t have this…too big.” “I’ll just exchange it for subscription money.”

  12. Yes. I requested my holidays as soon as they announced launch day and was lucky enough to get the 15th to the 28th off. So I’m in for early access and well into launch as well. :) Cannot wait! I love paid holidays!

  13. I put in for vacation time and since I don’t work weekends I’m off from the 16th to the 26th

  14. it’s just a game for my time off, a good game (I’ve been in beta) but still it’s just a game. so no for me.

  15. School vacation is the 16th of December to the 9th of January. I think I can make level 30 to 35 during that time.

  16. Luckily I run my own business from a home office – I don’t get a lotta time off, but I get to make the rules as I go along :)

    Part-time hours for me at the very least when early access arrives and through the holidays.

    Ohh and as far as family is concerned Christmas is Cancelled

    Already told my young-ling’s that Santa snapped his spine and broke both legs whilst practicing Chimney runs at the North Pole – so he cant make deliveries this year – Maybe next too … I’m thinking ahead for an Expansion xD

  17. I’m not taking any time off specifically for this. I am off the week after christmas though so will probably spend a bit of that time on SWTOR, but not just on this.

    I remember once taking time off for the release of a WoW expansion – only to have the servers down half the day for bug fixes, etc. What a waste of vacation time!

  18. Work has very kindly ruined christmas for me already (someone thought a december 27th deadline was a brilliant idea), so time off work is a no-go. However, it does mean that I have the perfect excuse not to go visit the entirety of my family, as would otherwise be expected of me, so it is a bit of a mixed blessing; I get to be the ultimate geek, playing SWTOR on christmas eve, before I hit the town to drink with my mates once they put their respective families to bed. :)

  19. Can’t, my work has a black out time frame when the game comes out, and then we are going into a long period where I can’t really call in or take time off either, though the rest of the store will be able to. . .just my team -_- oh well, more money i guess ;p

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