Nov 4, 2011

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Republic Trooper Talks To Georg Zoeller About… The Trooper!

Good news Trooper fans! Republic Trooper, a great fan site focused solely on the class, got some time with Principle Lead Combat Designer and forum super hero Georg Zoeller in what is easily the best Trooper-specific interview to date!

Zoeller talks to RT about ranged tanking, inherent advantages vs. Jedi tanking, Trooper stats and even lists a couple of his favorite Trooper abilities:

Hail of Bolts (Trooper Base Class) – The Trooper blankets the targeted location with heavy blaster fire, damaging those caught in the attack.

Pulse Cannon (Trooper Base Class) – The Trooper discharges the energy cell of his gun for a wide arc electrical attack, dealing dramatic amounts of damage to anyone caught in the attack.

Gut (Vanguard) – The Vanguard strikes the selected target with a retractable vibro-knife embedded in their gauntlet, causing heavy damage and continuous loss of health over time.

Combat Support Cell / Supercharge Cell (Commando) – While Combat Support Cell is active, your basic ranged attacks and key medic abilities charge the cell. When fully charged, Supercharge Cell can be activated to grant temporarily increased damage and healing.

It’s actually quite a lengthy interview and dishes must-have intel for future Troopers. Head on over to Republic Trooper for the full read!

Republic Trooper is definitely one of the sites we check out every day, and you need to keep an eye on. As TOR gets closer to, and post-launch, there will be many great vertical class resources like this, and we will do our best to let you know about them!

For additional details on the Trooper, visit R2-Db, the premier database for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  1. Grinstone says:

    As someone who will play a trooper, I give that interview 3 <3 out of 3 <3.

  2. To our Jedi Brothers-In-Arms…you honor us Troopers! Thanks so much! /salute

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