Nov 1, 2011

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Off-TORpic: Book Of Sith: Secrets From The Dark Side

Off-TORpic is our occasional peek outside the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sometimes it’ll be Star Wars. Sometimes it’ll be games. Sometimes, something else all together. But all the time it will be Off-TORpic.

This piece might be a little closer to on-TORpic than off, but it didn’t seem to fit anywhere else. And it’s something I suspect at least half of AAJ readers might be interested in… so here it is!

Last year, a book entitled The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force was released to rave reviews from Star Wars fans. It contains an ancient manual, written in the hand of the great Jedi Masters, sealed inside of a vault for safe-keeping. It’s really  must-have if your a fan of the Jedi.

But those that walk on the darker side felt left out. Well, that’s about to change with the upcoming release of The Book Of Sith: Secrets From The Dark Side.

Much like the original Jedi Path, this book comes in packaging and offers a presentation worthy of the subject matter. The actual book is housed inside of a Sith Holocron, which of course is where Sith stored information securely, typically only activated by use of the Dark side of the Force.

The knowledge is contained within...

The knowledge is contained within...

Also similar to the Jedi Path is the journal that has been written and put together by powerful Sith from ancient history. Of particular note, one of the ancient texts Darth Sidious recovered is from none other than Darth Malgus, a character as players of Star Wars: The Old Republic we’re about to become intimately familiar with.

Recovered Dark side texts:

  • A chronicle by Sorzus Syn of her encounters with Sith Purebloods, explorations in alchemy, and the foundations of the Sith Order.
  • A war journal kept by Darth Malgus during the Great Galactic War, describing methods of war and the campaigns of the Sith army.
  • A source book by Darth Bane that details the idea and the philosophy behind the Rule of Two as well as the training required for a Sith.
  • An instructional manual by Mother Talzin exploring the Nightsisters’ use of the dark side and their role as dark side mercenaries in the galaxy.
  • A scientific journal by Darth Plagueis with notes about his experimentation with and manipulation of the Force.
  • Darth Sidious’s manifesto about the philosophy and political manipulation that marked his rise to power and established his Empire.

With this inclusion of Malgus in this definitive chronicle of Sith history, one has to wonder. His in The Old Republic is already large, but perhaps even larger than we think? Ascension to Emperor? Only time will tell!

The Book of Sith: Secrets From the Dark Side won’t be available until February, but you can pre-order it from Amazon right now. And while you’re at it, pick up the Jedi Path to complete your set. I did!



  1. Seems interesting. Might only get book of sith since I will be playing for the Empire.

  2. Boogieman620 says:

    I just want the book. I don’t care for the over priced box and cheap nick nacks. The Jedi Path book is sold separately and is only about $13. I will wait till the Sith book itself goes on sale.

  3. Pre-ordered it last month when i first heard about this. I got the spiffy edition of The Jedi Path for my birthday, and it’s just awesome. Can’t wait for this one too!

  4. Wookiepedia is free.

    • So is Wikipedia, but i’m still going to read a book rather than reading its page on there. There’s value in experiencing something yourself, rather than merely relying upon the words someone else uses to condense material. You never know what they leave out or add from their own view and opinion.

      • Well no. I read a lot. And I will never find anything like a book in wikipedia. But I find exactly wookiepedia in those jedi’s and sith’s books. Because they are structured like an encyclopedia. Yes there is something more, it’s a nice object, and the quotes are fun, but for pure knowledge, I have all I can ask, and even more, on wookiepedia. and freely. I suggest that you read it someday, as it’s a huge database, and a work of star wars fans, it’s pretty accurate to think that it’s complete as possible.

        And dont get me wrong, I’m not saying these books doesn’t worth theyr price or anything. I will surely buy them one day or another.

        • I have Wookieepedia in my bookmarks, i thoroughly enjoy it. I’m not bashing in Wookieepedia, just saying they are not comparable experiences. The Jedi Path is nothing at all like an encyclopedia. It’s written as an in-universe work by Jedi Masters, with notes in the margins here and there by Jedi such as Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Anakin.

          I’m not trying to sell you the book or anything, but as a Star Wars fan i would never compare the experience of reading entries on Wookieepedia to reading The Jedi Path. S’all i’m sayin’. :)

  5. LOL MSRP is $99.00 but its listed in amazon for $62.99. Bothe of these prices are outrageous for a book..even with the little made in China crap they stuffed in there.

    • Abner Ford says:

      If it’s comparable to the Jedi Path special edition, it is worth it. It’s got a really awesome case with several little bonuses that come with it. The book is great too, if you’re a Star Wars fan. If the price wasn’t worth it, it wouldn’t have a 5 star rating on Amazon. I haven’t regretted buying it, and I am looking forward to getting the Book of Sith too. The case and bonuses look even cooler than Jedi Path.
      Together as a package, it’s a collector’s item, not just a book with “made in China crap”, and should be treated as such.

  6. Well yeah it is overpriced for a book, but an expected price for a collectors item, though I am surprised the are selling the Jedi book by itself, even it is is released a year later. I guess anyone wanting the sith one will have to wait til 2013 if the Jedi version is any indication. As for what it will contain for the vault set, here is a video I dug up for the Jedi version. Hopefully it will be pretty comparable.

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