Oct 31, 2011

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The Nerfherder’s Guide To The Galaxy: Ord Mantell

From the crystal-laden caverns of Ilum to the Jundland Wastes of Tatooine, this is your guide to discovering the distant worlds and locales of Star Wars:The Old Republic. Welcome to The Nerfherder’s Guide to the Galaxy!

“This planet was a lifeless hunk of rock before the Republic came here; and if this war goes on much longer, that’s how we’ll leave it. You’re all here because you made some very good or very bad decisions, and I don’t care which. All I care about are the next few days, and seeing peace restored to this world. Now, who’s ready to put some dents in their pretty armor?”

-Commander Antilles, Havoc Squadron


Located in the Bright Jewel system, Ord Mantell lies in the middle of a bulge in the northern section of the Mid Rim. It was largely settled some 9,000 years before the Treaty of Coruscant by an expedition of Corellians.

The major establishment of Ord Mantell as a galactic presence, however, came with the world’s designation as an Ordinance/Regional Depot (ORD) planet. This made it an important military base for the Republic during its middle period of expansion.

Ord Mantell’s position in the northern section of the Mid Rim made it a military outpost of great importance. As the centuries passed, however, much of its role in the Republic military was diminished. Though the planet’s name retained a military root, private organizations began to move in and take over.

Many of these groups operated outside of the law, and Ord Mantell became a haven for gangsters, smugglers, and pirates. The political leaders of the Bright Jewel system turned a blind eye to the actions of these groups. Bribes became a standard commodity within the system’s political organization.

Following the Sacking of Coruscant, the leaders of Ord Mantell chose to remain loyal to the Republic. Some of the planet’s citizens, however, supported neither this decision nor the corrupt politicians who controlled their world. Guerrilla assaults from these Separatists over the last two years have plunged Ord Mantell into a civil war.

As the flames of war threaten to be stoked once more throughout the galaxy, Ord Mantell has already fallen into chaos and conflagration.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, Ord Mantell serves as the starting planet for both Republic Trooper and Smuggler player characters. On this war torn world, Republic players can take up their blasters and charge into the fray.

Much of the planet’s surface is dominated by different mountainous features, including craggy peaks and flat mesas. There is also a great deal of volcanic activity on this world. The Separatists have taken advantage of this terrain for the establishment of their bases and stronghold.

Separatists have created a network of subterranean bases and passageways throughout the high mountains. This allows them to utilize raids and guerrilla tactics to strike against the planetary leaders who remain loyal to the Republic.

In response to these attacks, the Republic has sent the elite Havoc Squadron to end the civil war. A military base serves as the staging ground for these operations. This base provides the troopers of Havoc squadron with a forward command from which to strike against the Separatist stronghold.

To the north of these operations sits Drelliad Village. Smugglers have been seen flying into the Drelliad spaceport, making deliveries of much-needed supplies to support the Republic efforts against the Separatists.

Drelliad Village itself, however, smolders after numerous battles between Separatist and Republic forces. Those smugglers who make it into the village may find themselves drawn into a conflict they never signed up for.

How will you make your mark on the scorched surface of Ord Mantell? Will you take up the mantle of a Trooper and fight against the Separatists in the name of democracy? Or will you use this conflict as an opportunity to fatten your own bank account? Civil war has begun, how will you end it?

  1. Both!
    I am planning ot play a smuggler as well as a Trooper or maybe 2 of each (to test the healing spec and the DPS spec)
    And then it is time for FULL AUTO!!!!
    peweweweweweweeeeewwewewewewe … sorry got lost there.

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