Oct 26, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: What Was The Deciding Factor For Your Class Choice?

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Choosing a class in an MMO can be a daunting task. Even for long-time MMO veterans, the choices in a new game aren’t always clear, and you never really know how the gameplay or other attributes of the class will play out until you put significant time into it.

Some players will choose their class based on their desired combat role, such as healing, tanking or damage dealing. Others might try to make a decision between a ranged class or a melee class. And in the case of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the story itself may be a great influencer of your decision.

As for me, that class is the Sith Inquisitor. I knew from the start I wanted to walk around with a saberstaff and dominate the Republic. My first look at this weapon came from watching Episode 1 (shudder) and Darth Maul. Granted, it wasn’t the sole reason. I was more drawn to it because of the abilities I’ve seen with it, both before and after I was lucky enough to land a Game Testing spot.

So what gave you that final nudge to choose your main class? Was it the story,  combat role, style, or something else? Let us know!

What was the greatest influence in choosing your main class?

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  1. Sounds hokey, but I want to go with Smuggler mainly because i want that Ship :) The ships for the Jedi didn’t really do much for me. The sith ship looks good too.

  2. Playing something that I had imagined when I was a kid, knowing that I could never do it in RL. However, in a game like this you can live out a dream.

    I think that is why I like MMO’s a lot.

    • They tell you as a kick “You can be anything you want to be when you grow up” That is a flat out lie… what they should say is “You can be anything you want to be when you grow up as long as its within reason.”

  3. A little bit of all the choices there.

  4. I chose the Bounty Hunter based on the companions. I love the fact that your smallest companion is a knock on Blizzard!

  5. It’s to much of a close call between multiple factors to pick just one. So for me, it had to be a combo of Tank, Force user, Melee, Visual style and faction – not in any particular order – so that basically leaves me with SI Tankasin or SW Immortal Jugg and out of the 2, Jugg it my preferred choice.

  6. For me, it was the class i was drawn to.

  7. For me, faction was a no-brainer (Republic all the way!), this wasn’t even a decision factor, Empire classes weren’t even considered.

    Then, i knew i wanted to play a Force-wielder so Knight and Consular remained. I don’t mind playing either melee or ranged classes so combat style is not huge. In other titles i used to play dps, then tank, then dps again and finally moved to healer. Think i’ll stick with healing for now, so the final decision was the Consular.

    The actual decision-making process took way less time than typing this comment, though. :) I’m just a “consular” type of character/player so it was almost virtually instant.

  8. all of the above

  9. I doubt I’m the only one, but I probably won’t be able to decide on a class until I’m installing the game. I wish there was an “all of the above” option for the poll. Role plays a factor, role playing plays a factor (BH healer, REALLY?), visuals weighs heavily, etc….

  10. My first thought was to try out a tank class and I’ve always been partial to the guy in the big, bad armor. Perhaps that’s too much of the WoW mentality holding over, but the trooper fit the bill. It was also a little bit the thought that everyone and their uncle would be playing a Jedi, so I wanted to get some trooper love in there. Silly, but what can you do?

    Besides, who can resist the idea of mowing down enemies with a gun that’s almost as big as the character? Dual spec nao, pl0x!

  11. I wanted to get away from the typical jedi hero and wanted to play something awesome in heavy armor (because I wanted to tank). The ranged tanking of the trooper sounded really interesting to me, so that helped me finalize my decision of going trooper.

  12. Old Bill Kenobi says:

    I always dreamed of being a jedi knight when I was a child. How could I let that kid down?

  13. For me it was a mix of faction, visuals and combat role. i choose trooper :)

  14. Based on my experience in other MMO’s I know how bad I am with alt’s. So the question for me was what class to play first? What helped me to decide was taking a moment to reflect back on the original trilogy and think about what characters I enjoyed most from those movies. The two that stuck out to me were Han Solo and Boba Fett. I had already planned on rolling Republic so based on the two characters I liked most I’ve chosen to play a Smuggler as my main.
    As a bonus, the more recent companion stuff I’ve seen has shown Corso (the Smugglers first companion) to have a similar skill set to the Bounty Hunter so I get my two fav’s in one!

  15. WhiteWarrior says:

    Reading the Darth Bane novels sealed the deal for me. Sith Juggernaut all the. wtb orbalisk armor….

  16. It’s hard to pick just one of those, so I voted other, as there were several factor that played into my decision (which until I get some hands on is subject to change). Also, I’m planning to start out as an Imperial Agent.

    — Faction – my friends all wanted to go Empire so that was one.
    — DPS – I usually play dps, and SWTOR will be no exception.
    — Play Style – I generally prefer ranged dps.
    — Potential end-game demand – Not a huge factor, but with so many potential force users, I liked the idea of exploring one of the other two.

    So far now Imperial Agent is my top choice, although I’m giving serious thoughts to BH. I will of course try them all out.

  17. Thunder1515 says:

    Something about the IA just jumps out at me. I think the class story is going to prove very interesting.

  18. I choose other because this game is going to be the closest I can get to foe-filling my fantasy of becoming a Jedi Knight and walking around the Galaxy protecting the Republic and Preventing it’s Enemies form taking over. Jedi Knight Guardian has always been my dream since I knew what a Jedi was and found out what a Guardian is…

  19. i choose Assassin bcouse of style and the Story but i think the story will be the greater part of my choice

  20. Other because i’m not quite sure exactly what I want to play. And because my choice in the end will depend of my friends, if they play emp or rep.

    But if I would explain a little it would be:

    Jedi knight dps guardian: because I want to be a jedi Master and do everything to be one (to be one kenobi…)
    Smuggler: because they look awesome woth dual wielding blasters, the cover mechanics seems pretty good and overall they must be a great DPS class.

    Sith warrior dps juggernaut: same as the jedi but in the other way. Sith lord.
    Bounty hunter: become the greatest BH of the galaxy baby!

    Oh, and I’m only attracted in DPS class/specs. It’s what’s motivating me every days, be better and hit harder than my fellow guildmates.

  21. I really enjoy healing so that is what helped me to choose. Although it didn’t really help me since so many classes can be healers. Needless to say, I am still unsure at this moment as to what side I will be playing on, and what class.

  22. Spootybeaver says:

    This will be the first game that I have the opportunity to apply a life time of fantasy into my character choice (Long live Star Wars lore!). Story will be the only reason I choose the Jedi Consular. I want to venture down the the path of curiosity and see if my Jedi gets tempted by the pursuit of knowledge. The idea that having a passion for doing the right thing could lead one to the the dark side (Revan/Malak) has always been fascinating.

  23. It’s literally almost ‘all of the above’. Going Sith Warrior because I love tanking and I love melee tanking. The class story definitely intrigues me. I love the armor looks/visual style we’ve seen so far and I’m all about the Sith Empire :). So yeah, all of the above plays into why I choose my class. But if I had to narrow it down, tanking/melee tanking definitely topples the bunch.

  24. ScytheNoire says:

    It is all of the above, but those who haven’t played in the Beta yet might be surprised how their choice might end up changing. A large majority of those who played completely changed their class of choice once they got to play the game.

  25. Don’t hate on Episode 1. Also Sith Inquisitor for the dual-bladed lightsaber. Those things are sexy.

  26. My first preference is Bounty Hunter or Imperial Agent. However the guild I’m with is Republic faction, so those were eliminated for now.

    I’m torn between Trooper and Jedi Knight. I’ll probably decide right as I’m rolling up my first character in mid December.

  27. I immediately fell for the Assassin, and the Deception skill tree. Darth Maul was always my favorite character, and my all time favorite game is Splinter Cell, so this was a no-brainer for me:)

  28. Went with Sith Warrior solely because I want to force choke people.

  29. i try to play the class that i think most other players wont want to, at least at first, but the more i read and all the cool stuff i see i feel the Trooper will be a very popular class… maybe ill have to rethink what ill play!

  30. Seeing most of the classes can do about every role, dps, tank, and heal that wasn’t what made me decide. Before I knew who got blizz I was going trooper because I wanted to range tank, but not I will go bounty hunter and tank with it and keep a cool jawa around also.

  31. It was a series of events that finally put me heavily on the Sith Inquisitor. I thought instantly JC, because I am a huge Yoda fan. Then I saw the Jedi ship and was like… really? nah. I saw the Sith’s Fury and fell in love. Then came well Lightning is better than a knock off of Fables force push. Not to mention the class can do every role. The IA also intrigues me based on the story-line, ship, and committed Ranged. I think for everyone it was more than one GREAT factor.

  32. I chose my class based on voice actor. Jennifer Hale is too good to pass up. Female Trooper it is for me.

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