Oct 24, 2011

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Come Mumble With Us In The Ask A Jedi Cantina!

We don’t have a fancy podcast (yet). We don’t have flashy live videos (yet). Heck, we don’t even have forums (yet)!

So what DO we have aside from the best and most up-to-the-minute Star Wars: The Old Republic news? Well, as of today we’re extremely excited to announce the Ask A Jedi Cantina – an open voice chatroom where members of the AAJ community – and the TOR community at large – can mix and mingle!

Thanks to our partners at Enjin Guild Hosting, we now have a high-capacity Mumble server available 24/7/365 for use by the Ask A Jedi community! If you’re not familiar with Mumble, it’s an open-source voice chat program, similar to Ventrilo or Teamspeak, but with arguably better quality. Clients are available for Mac, Linux and Windows and it couldn’t be quicker or easier to install.

How do you connect, you ask? Here’s all of the info you need:

Server: cantina.askajedi.com
Port: 64578

Several members of the AAJ staff have had exrtensive hands-on time with the game at the BioWare Austin Fan Site Summit or at one of various conventions this year. So if we’re online, and you have any questions about the game, we can try to answer them for you the best we can! And remember, Mumble also functions as regular text chat. So even if you don’t have a mic or headset, you can still participate!

We’ve got big plans for the Ask A Jedi Cantina in the near future, but for now, drop in and say hi! The server is open all day and all night, every day and every night. We’ll leave the light on for ya.

Thanks once again to Enjin for hooking us up, and trust me when I say if you are looking for a home for your TOR guild, there is no better feature set than what they offer. Check ’em out.

  1. This might be a noob question but what is the Address? Because I see no where for a server

    • gstommylee says:


      you have to go through the setup when you first start it up once you finish that and you get to server listing you can what is listed in the article

  2. I cant find the server on the list? Am I looking in the wrong spot? I went through the setup and I see the list of servers but I don’t see this one? any help?

    • Hi Gurbo,

      As long as you’ve downloaded the Mumble client program, you just need to configure it with the server info from the article above. There’s no password or anything, just the server info and port, and you’re ready to go!

  3. Hello, u guys still have the server online? cuz I cant enter it says the remote host closed the conection :P

    • The server is still online. I’m logged in right now.

      I’d check your firewall and make sure that Mumble is in the allowed Application list. I’d also check the address and port is entered correctly. I had 1 number off on that port and couldn’t connect either.

  4. I love Mumble!! <333 I made myself a username so I can pop on from time to time. :D

    Yay for new friends!

    • Great stuff. Look forward to meeting you!

      So far Mumble is looking much better than Ventrilo. The audio configuration wizard really is good and for the first time I am having a great with speech recognition. It seems to be doing a decent job of converting text to speech for those that want to chat but don’t have a mic to speak through.

  5. I used it yesterday and talked to Momus and I learned some stuff about SWTOR. It was pretty cool.

  6. Guess I’ll hop in there so people can ask me questions, eventually ;). Hope my southern accent doesn’t scare anyone away haha.

  7. Good source of info I’m learning a lot and its fun just to talk to people who love Star Wars as much as I do. Looking forward to seeing u all in the Cantina.

    The voice’s be-hide Ask A Jedi very cool :)

  8. I have been trying to add this server but the connection just keeps refusing. I am missing the talks!! I see a list of servers, I hit add new enter in the information but nothing.

  9. For the legacy system – names must unique and are across server. Does that mean we will have to choose a name against every other name from all players across all servers? Will anyone ever find a name they like that way?

    Help me understand please, how wll that work. Does the last name have to unique in and of itself, or in combo with the first name?


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