Oct 20, 2011

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Press Testing: Embargo Coverage Roundup

Just moments ago, an embargo was lifted on various gaming press that allows them to talk about their experiences in the Star Wars: The Old Republic, for which they’d been invited a few weeks back!

While as a fan site we’re not part of the press group, we sure as heck are excited to learn about and cover everything they have t say! To that end, we’re going to keep this post updated throughout the day with links to all of the coverage. If you see something that we don’t have, please let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to add it and give you credit!

First up is IGN, who made some big promises for a steady flow of content through next week:





The Escapist:


Ten Ton Hammer:








Ninja Looter:







  1. I swear the reviews are all over the board. Why give a sandbox fanatic the game to review at all? In his own words its not a genre he likes.
    !!! Put me in coach I’m ready to play, today !!!!

    • Why wouldn’t you want him to review it? You want people with different likes and dislikes to look at the game. What good does it do just having fanbois review it? I think its better to have different angles. Nothing the reviewers say will have any influence on weather I play the game or not.

      • It seems to me it was wasted access. If the reviewer has stated previously how tgames of these formats are not to their liking, etc why not at least get the review by someone who at least likes the genre. Not saying a start raving fanboi but someone who does not look down their nose at anything that is not pre-defined as sandbox.

        • Because devs want to pull in players that don’t “like” their types of games to convince them that their game is different. Bioware has even stated that they want to pull in non mmo players as an example. Many players that are super excited about playing swtor are pronounced “haters” of mmos. They claim Bioware and star wars will make a genre they don’t like…likeable. It is not wasted space to get a player in who does not like say “mmos” convincing one of these players is the best type of review.

          • Frankly, I’m very pleased with the multitude of opinions on the game.

            There were lots of opinions on World of Warcraft; there were lots of opinions about each and every expansion.

            Frankly – there weren’t many opinions on Rift. There weren’t as many on Age of Conan, or Warhammer, there was only some hype about Final Fantasy XIV. Aion got some, for about a month, when everyone figured out you got to be immortal flying beings fighting over, well, something.

            There are LOTS of opinions on SWTOR. And that’s fantastic. Some of them are great; some of them, not so great. And that’s fine – to me, it means that Bioware will have to work harder to reach people who aren’t necessarily MMO players at heart.

            If anything, and they take the feedback as seriously as they say they do, they’ll beam about the positive articles, and look at the negative ones and think, “I can fix that.” And then fix it.

          • EXACTLY, I couldn’t agree more. This is why I don’t get defensive of negative reviews. Bioware needs feedback from all angles and gaming backgrounds.

          • I was very pleased to see the numerous reviews. It’s clear there’s serious interest and I came away from my hour+ read that the general media barometer is into the positive for sure.

            As some who’s had some beta testing time I found it interesting reading some of the contradictory comments. I was reminded that preference is the purview of the critic and with my own experience I could smile as I disagreed with the basis of their points.

            We only got Republic to level 15. The higher level reviews will be revealing because they have to come from someone who’s more intimate with the mechanics, abilities and class. These reviews will also be a reflection of higher-level content quality. However, I’m not concerned for the story at higher levels and I am curious as to the gameplay.

            TL;DR – Overall, it was good to read many opinions that lined up with my own. Good media reviews can only help inspire more numbers to jump on board.

  2. I know more voices makes a better harmony (well sometimes)
    I guess I see it like why have a person allergic to fish review a seafood restaurant.

    • The article that I read by the guy who claimed he wouldn’t likke the game and was a snbox mmo player was actually quite positive. He was surprised by the game, this in my opinion is a good sign.

    • I agree with you on the “Why give it to someone who likes sandbox MMOs?” point. It’s not like someone who isn’t into MMOs period trying it out. It’s like giving a fighting game to someone who doesn’t like fighting games and prefers racing games to review it.

      Sure his write up is still fairly positive. But it just seems like a waste. I don’t want an endless sea of fanboy reviews, but I would prefer a “I like themepark MMOs and here’s what I think of TOR” review.

      Then again, so far no real surprises in any of those articles.

  3. The guy who did the article on gamespy is an idiot… He said that bioware told everyone that the storyline was unique for every class… but that they mash together when you get to the capital planet… what bioware said is that the CLASS Storylines were unique… side quests are all the same for everyone…

  4. Brandon Lee says:

    The 1UP guy is off the charts. I knew from the title that it was going to be nonsense.

    Telling KOTOR fans to pack in their hopes for a KOTOR continuation. Dude, anyone who knows about the single player aspect of the game understands that the things that made KOTOR great are in TOR’s single player experience. That should be the take home. Trying to dash peoples’ hopes is just unfortunate when you honestly have a game that really does have continuity from KOTOR in terms of the things that made that game legendary. It was the story, the character customization, the lore.

    It really is like KOTOR 3, 4, 5, etc. Unless one expected some sort of carbon copy of KOTOR, then I don’t see how they will be disappointed in the single player aspect of TOR.


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