Oct 6, 2011

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All The Galaxy’s A Stage: RP Tracker – The Battle of Bogden

All The Galaxy’s A Stage is a regular column at Ask A Jedi with some lofty, creative goals.  On one hand, we will be discussing and exploring meaningful topics to support the role-play experience and community.  On the other hand, we also want to introduce the casual Role-Player to the writing-acting experience that can add so much more to an MMORPG like Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Share your perspectives and experience as we co-create magical story in that galaxy far, far away!

For this month’s RP Tracker I wanted to introduce a new element to this column.  I thought it would be a great idea to highlight some active role-play.  I’ll be returning to this theme so if you are involved in some RP that you think is worthy of highlighting don’t hesitate to post a comment with a link.

The story I’ve selected for the first such feature really is a great example for those of you who have never actually role-played.  A good RP event provides a great back-story, has some great writer-actors plying their craft, is well written, and provides story and character development.  In short, great role-play should (in my opinion) read like a Star Wars novel.

This month’s feature, The Battle of Bogden, manages to cover off the above requirements, also happens to be housed at the official forums and is an open RP event.  In other words, providing you submitted a workable character and premise to be involved in the corresponding out of character thread you were quite likely to be accepted.  The Hands of Darkness RP Guild deserve an honourable mention as the initiators of this creative effort.  However, what’s most notable is that not only did this RP catch the attention of many a RPer but it also drew some very reputable RP Guilds in as well.  And this is no small feat.

And so without further ado, I present:


Heroes of the Old Republic

The Battle of Bogden

  1. Grinstone says:


    I didn’t read a whole lot of it but thanks for sharing.

    For anyone who wishes to share the written word, be it RP or otherwise, please remember that presentation is an important factor in communication. While most people in that RP effort use colors to good effect, there is the one poster who uses dark green text on a black background. Farking ow! Trying to read those posts nearly strained my eyes.

    • If you highlight dark text on a dark background like you are going to copy it, it should be easier to read.

      • Grinstone says:

        I’m aware of that trick, thanks.

        I could have made my point more explicitly. What I was trying to get at is that if people are doing you the courtesy of reading what you wrote, you should make it as painless as possible for them to do so. Your readers should not have to do any additional work to accomplish that.

        Even if that work is as small a thing as highlighting text.

    • A great comment. Given my dislike of blue on black backgrounds OWW OWW I’m surprised I forgot to include that. That’s why I love comments – you guys finish off what I started!

      I’ve played with using bold for dialog and colours for different dialog and have come full circle. I don’t do it at all anymore. There used to be a time where I believed that this somehow made it easier to read. But I came to a conclusion for myself that approaches like bold-for-dialog can be distracting. An RP is not just about dialog. Add different colours and bold for dialog and it gets even worse.

      Of course this is all personal preference. But I have definitely shifted to plain contrasting text and bolding the first three to five words as is often the case in published Star Wars books.

  2. Inspired by my experience in that RP event, I came up with this:

    Its not the whole of the battle, just a part of it.

    • Well done! I love it when RP inspires over creative works!

      As an aside, if you were in on this RP and want to comment about your experience, what made it great, and to offer tips to those new to RP that’d be amazing!

  3. Sindol Sei says:

    I simply enjoyed being an integral part if thwarting the Sith occupation of the planet Bogden. It was good fun.

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