Sep 28, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: How Will You Spend Free Time Until Launch?

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We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re rounding the corner into the home stretch. There are so many cliches and one-liners that you can use… let’s just say Star Wars: The Old Republic is nearly ours!

Indeed, December 20-22 isn’t that far away. But how are you going to spend your free time until that day of jubilance?

There are so many gaming options out there, either right now or on their way. You’ve got games on the horizon like Skyrim, or you might be picking a side between Call of Duty or Battlefield 3. Perhaps you’re in the recently launched¬†Diablo III beta. Or heck, for that matter maybe you’re one of the lucky few in the coveted¬†Star Wars: The Old Republic beta!

But there are other options as well. Maybe you’re working on getting a new computer together for The Old Republic. Maybe your job, or school, have your full attention now. Perhaps you just need a break from gaming!

For me, I’m spending more time with my Xbox 360 now that my calendar is a little clearer. Games like Madden ’12, and FIFA ’12 are currently in rotation in my console. Soon enough, I’ll be adding Battlefield 3 to the mix.

But what about you? What is occupying your time until the 20th or 22nd of December? Be sure to vote, and comment below!

How will you spend your free time until TOR launches?

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  1. Switch Ares says:

    I’ll be playing Fantasy Football until launch.

  2. Building a TOR related fansite in the build-up to making my BH Bodyguard. And singing Whitney Houston songs to get me in the mood.

  3. I didn’t see a choice for “Playing damn near everything” so I went with other.

    Skyrim, Saints Row 3, Rage, Batman: Arkham City, Dead Rising 2 OTR, Silent Hill Downpour, Battlefield, Uncharted, CoD, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi….I might still be missing some in there. My Gamefly account is getting a workout, and some titles will be on PC. Diablo 3 beta if I get it, SWTOR beta too.

    I’m a gamer, platform doesn’t matter, if there is a good game, I wanna play it.

  4. Old Bill Kenobi says:

    Does anyone else wanna be like Cartman with the WII and have yourself frozen for 3 months until it gets here?

  5. I’m going to spend the time building up the core of our guild and community in preparation for launch =)

  6. Stopped playing WoW in July right before they announced Pre Order. I have been playing SWGEMU for free since then.

  7. I am doing a mixture. I will be playing WoW till my subscription runs out was looking at some MMOs that have free trials but looks like i will be playing BF3 and Halo CE. Also reading the SWTOR books with this game and playing through KOTOR one more time before launch. :)

  8. spending time with my wife while i have it O:)

  9. I’ll be playing BF3 and TOR Beta’s I also bought a PS3 so I’ll be playing on that. I also watch a lot of TV so there’s plenty to watch there.

  10. Got back on the wagon to kill Ragnaros again. Will be canceling once my early access is in. :)

    As others said, I’m helping to build my guild up and get it ready to rock’n’roll once TOR launches.

  11. Cancel my WoW subscription and go read some books.

    I sure won’t have time to read after launch :)

  12. Dawn of war 2 – Retribution
    Warhammer 40K – Space Marine

    I need my sci-fi kick until TOR comes and saves the day

  13. What am I going to do?

    Whatever helps me not go crazy during the home stretch. ><

  14. Will be playing LOTRO with the new Addon Rise of Isengard and NHL 12 on PS3 untill Release or maybe SWTOR Beta (dreaming). ;)

  15. I’ll be, more or less, do all the things mentioned above. ALL.
    Well, except for the beta. XD

  16. Before launch I will replay both KotORs and make detailed notes of the transpired events, so I won’t miss out on clues. And I’m also getting myself acquainted with the Aurebesh alphabet. It would be so cool if I could pick up hints from the environment. As I really want to emerge myself into the game.

  17. Finishing up my second playthroughs of the MEs/DAs/Kotors/JE – only the last one is left.

    Tried to load down this semester a bit with courses so as to free up second semester, so trying to keep up with class work and whatnot as well…

    Come on December.

  18. WoW will tide me over for now… Other than that planning out everything and delving into the forums, fansites and dev posts. I need MOAR SWTOR! :P

  19. A little bit of all the answers except playing another mmo, I stoped wow after six years of HCG and dont want to touch any mmo before swtor.

  20. I only have a PC, so gonna playing most PC releases:

    Rage (10/4/11)
    Batman: Arkham City (10/18/11)
    Heavy Fire: Afghanistan (10/25/11)
    Battlefield 3 (10/25/11)
    Modern Warfare 3 (11/8/11)
    The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim (11/11/11)
    Saints Row: The Third (11/15/11)
    Assassins Creed: Revelations (11/15/11)
    Need for Speed: The Run (11/17/11)

  21. I will be working on recruiting in the guild I am part of along with dedicating time to furthering guild interest and overall interaction between members.

  22. Seeing as my sudden interest in TOR has totally blindsided me (honestly, I have NO idea where that comes from suddenly…) I’ll have my work cut out for me to get myself up to date with the lore (roleplayer here, knowledge of lore is fundamental!).
    I’ll also build a new gaming rig (for TOR and Mass Effect 3).

    November will be spent doing NaNoWriMo, whipping my blog into shape and trying not to go crazy because of work.

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