Sep 9, 2011

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Friday Update: A Three-For-Friday – Smuggler Armor Progression, Alex Freed Dev Blog And PAX Prime Highlights!

Today’s late Friday certainly makes an entrance, and I think every Scoundrel and Gunslinger would agree that it was worth the wait!

First we have the Smuggler Armor Progression video – it features a variety of good looks for all the scruffy nerf-herders out there. Aside from the Eastwood look, the Subzero-esque look for the Scoundrel was a nice touch, and one I don’t think we’ve seen before.

Couple fun notes: the dropping of the copious amounts of weapons while being held up was a nice touch – and in addition to an Indiana Jones-esque moment, we also saw a Han Solo moment as well – all in all, a good and tastefully comical look at the Smuggler class.

Courtney Woods chimes in:

As your character progresses through the saga of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, you will see them advance as you unlock new skills and acquire or craft superior gear.

Whether running blockades to deliver vital supplies or evading Imperial patrols, the Smuggler must rely on his wit and guile just as much as the blaster at his side. As the price on his head rises and his enemies grow more dangerous, the Smuggler will have to acquire new skills and utilize more powerful weapons and armor to survive.

Get a look at some of the ways the Smuggler can progress and see just a small fraction of the weapons, armor and abilities that become available to him.

We also get a new Developer Blog from Senior Writer Alexander Freed, where he talks about writing Star Wars: The Old Republic material outside of the game:

The first thing that any potential tie-in to Star Wars™ and The Old Republic should do is answer a series of questions: What does this story contribute to mythology of The Old Republic? What does a reader get from this story that changes the way he or she experiences the game? Does it give the reader a new perspective on a character? Does it explain a mystery that isn’t resolved in the game? Does it explore the setting and the timeline in new depth?

As for the last part, it’s the PAX Prime Highlights video. For those of us who could not attend, it offers (perhaps!) your final glimpse of SWTOR at a convention prior to release!

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  1. The smuggler video was awesome, lots of pokes at the movies and full of humor.

  2. Funny Indy moment with the Assassin XD

  3. can’t wait to rock my smuggler alt. that will be my first alt. wookie, scattergun, pistol pimpsmack and the fastest hunk a junk in the galaxy…yes…

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