Sep 2, 2011

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Friday Update: Gamescom Highlight Video!

After a whirlwind of information and conventions over the past two weeks, this week we’re treated to a relatively low-key update of a highlight video from Gamescom! Of particular note are the fan reactions, which were positively ecstatic and gushing. Of course, this weekend’s beta testers will possibly say the same…grumble, grumble…

New Assistant Community Production Coordinator Courtney Woods (that title is a handful!) had the honor of posting today’s update. A belated welcome to her from all of us at Ask A Jedi!

We had an incredible experience at this year’s GamesCom, with Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ winning the 2011 GamesCom Award for Best Online Game as well as being a huge hit with everyone that attended! The air was electric from the excitement as fans and journalists filed through our booth to get some hands-on time with both Origin Worlds and Alderaan Warzone PvP! The reaction from the fans at the show left us feeling incredibly grateful for having such a passionate and dedicated community.

Knowing that not everyone could make it to Cologne for the show, we wanted to share our experience with all of you. Thank you for all of your continued support and enthusiasm for the game!

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  1. Did they send out the invites already?

  2. SorcererBiggz says:

    grumble…. grumble… grumble…. I feel a disturbance in the force… wait I mean this Friday was another one of the poor ones. :)

  3. If they did, I didn’t get one… /sadface

  4. hey guys i’m from the future i just wanted to let you know what next weeks update is going to be…

    “PAX Prime Highlight Video!”

    Just thought you’d like to know.

  5. Yeah invites have been sent already for this weekend. And yeah unless they got something more up their skirts, this update was while not surprising just meh…I only hope they don’t do a Pax review for next weeks. The official forums will esplode…

  6. This friday’s update is a complete joke.

  7. Not a updated in my book. Lame. Bioware should have added it to fan Friday. Oh wait, we get that next week :(

  8. Emeka Uwazurike says:

    $100 says next week’s update is Pax Prime highlights

  9. I love how all the hate got out of control in the official forum about this friday “update” – but to be fair – its justified.

    And yep, I do believe next week will be pax highlights *sad*


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