Aug 31, 2011

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Release Date Tied To Beta Test Results – Frank Gibeau

Computers And Video Games recently talked to Frank Gibeau, recently appointed boss of EA Labels, where he revealed that the release date of Star Wars: The Old Republic is “definitely tied” to the feedback coming out of the ongoing Game Testing program:

“We’re driving towards a date, but the very issue you raised is why we’re not announcing a date yet because you want to make sure that these services can last a decade”

Gibeau went on to talk about how important the launch of the game is:

“We don’t want to happen to us what happened to WoW and a couple of other services where in the first week there were queues trying to get on to the servers, the entire service crashed – we don’t want that to happen. So we need to nail and make sure that it’s up 24/7 and it’s high quality.”

We’ve heard BioWare say before that the release date will depend on the kind of feedback they’re getting from testers, and this seems to reaffirm that. So if you’re in Game Testing, work hard and give quality feedback to help get the game out that much quicker!

Head on over to CVG for the full read!

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  1. That certainly doesn’t mean writing in your feedback “It’s perfect, all done, ready for release!” :p

  2. Hahaha I would be so tempted. xD Kidding.

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