Aug 28, 2011

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PAX 2011: Open World PvP Announced

Today during the big Star Wars: The Old Republic PAX panel, the big reveal was the announcement of open world PvP systems and objectives. While we all knew that some way, some how there would be open world PvP, this was the first time it was addressed by BioWare officially.

You’ll see Gabe talk about Ilum as one of the planets that has world PvP objectives and we get to see a few of them in action. Not only is the environment impressive, the combat looks great!

There are no more words I can say that this video doesn’t show better! Enjoy!

  1. Nice! I hate PvP but that open world Mercenary PvP looks awesome, at least to try out. And can I please ride that AT-AT looking thing, please!

  2. Seems like a very promising direction for PvP. Can someone confirm my understanding that these type of World PvP objectives or zones will be available on PvE servers? I assume so, with the difference being that PvP servers will also allow PvP outside the special zones, but I don’t think that was ever clarified.

    • yes wow has wintergraspe which is an open world pvp and the three ruin sites in outland for example.

    • Wintergrasp functioned as an hourly game (every four, iirc), with fixed maximum raid sizes, and it had access to a raid zone to the faction controlling the keep. It may have been billed as a quasi-open world experience, but it had strict rule sets that made it more of an open world battleground.

      What I want to know is, does Open World PvP on Ilum function like SWTOR’s version of Wintergrasp, or does it function a little more like WAR’s & DAoC’s “RvR” type of open world PvP?

      The reason why that is a legit question is, Gabe (Amatangelo) was one of the minds behind WAR’s RvR system and everything I’ve seen of SWTOR’s PvP looks like it has Mythic’s fingerprints all over it (which is awesome, since that was one thing Mythic did better than anyone else).

      Considering Mythic is behind the PvP for SWTOR, I expect this to be much more than a simple Wintergrasp or Tol Barad-style WoW PvP zone, but if anyone could get clarification on it, I imagine the Ask a Jedi crew could find out.

      See if you can get some clarification from Gabe the next time you speak to him, guys.:)

      • Considering Gabe and many of the PvP team are vets of Mythic and worked on WAR, I’m willing to bet that Open PvP areas on PvE servers will function more like WAR’s RvR Lakes and less like WoW’s Wintergrasp. I don’t think they’ll be exactly the same as WAR, just closer to WAR than WoW.

  3. MrGrimord says:

    Bring combat vehicules ! A Star Wars fight means nothing without vehicules !

  4. Just out of curiosity, what happened the character creation video that was posted up here at one point? Really wanted to see a good version of that! Cheers Matt

    • BioWare had asked if we could take it down, since it wasn’t a part of the demo they were showing. They said they are still very heavily iterating on it and don;t want to give false impressions. So we of course did so out of professional courtesy and respect.

  5. Abner Ford says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I was actually disappointed by a convention’s performance by BioWare for the first time, and this helped ease that a bit. It looks really good.

  6. keeps. Another WAR lake clone where melee classes have nothing to do until final charge. WIll they make the same mistakes WAR did though? RvE ?


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