Aug 24, 2011

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gamescom 2011: Gabe Amatangelo Interview was able to corral BioWare’s Lead End-game Designer on Star Wars: The Old ┬áRepublic Gabe Amatangelo to ask him a few questions during gamescom last week.

Gabe talks about operations and even Crew Skills during the piece. Again, it’s a must-watch for the TOR faithful!

  1. ok .. these are the tidbits that helps me ignore the outstanding balance on the credit card from the CE. At 9:45 in he talks about using crew skills in the operations to help complete the raid, and at 12 mins in he talks about the reverse engineering, how you can dismantle and item to maybe get a better schematic.
    Oh .. yes ….

  2. Yeah.. complaining about sound and noise issues at gamescom while they are using an iPhone as a microphone.. /facepalm.

    But anyway some nice infos about reverse engineering and hutt ball.

  3. I am very excited to see that crafting will always have a place to have a BIS item for a particular slot no matter how high up the raids get. Thank you Bioware :) Making crafting relevant = win

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