Aug 23, 2011

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gamescom 2011: Emanuel Lusinchi Interview scored an interview with BioWare Associate Lead Designer Emanuel Lusinchi during the recently held gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

It’s a nice, refreshing departure from the usual type of interview you see. Emanuel is open and honest and very relaxed in talking about some design decisions and gameplay mechanics that are very relevant to the MMO player. This 16 minute interview is a must-see if you’re a fan of TOR (and we know you are ;)

  1. I really enjoyed the interview, and the accent was a bit more soothing than the Brit :)

    • This is a very good interview. And I complement that Bioware made it so that 3 classes can heal or Tank. Its great to not have to be forced into a role.

  2. I like this interview a lot. Emanuel is very nice to listen to…very honest and straight forward (“it’s a limited edition…of course its a marketing ploy”).

  3. nice interview. i like the guy he is chilled out, funny and honestly. and the accent ist different. ;)

  4. Incredible interview.
    It’s so great to see exactly what the other comments said: this was much more informal, not PR/PC answers.

    He told you what was really thought, and what things needed to be thought of, without breaching the veil of telling secrets or giving the interviewer the same things we’ve all heard before. Sign him up for more!!

  5. this guy is so getting fired.

    anyways, awesome dude tho. Thats how all interviews should go

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