Aug 19, 2011

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gamescom 2011: BioWare Pulse Interviews Cory Butler

BioWare TV keeps bringing the TOR goodness out of gamescom, this time with an interview with Live Producer Cory Butler.

Cory covers some general topics and questions, but perhaps the most interesting factoid is that same-gender romance arcs are in fact not in Star Wars: The Old Republic. We don’t believe this has been confirmed prior to this, but feel free to correct us if we’re wrong (as we know you will! ;)

Watch live streaming video from biowaretv at
  1. I thought this was confirmed quite some time ago? Cant specifically point to when, but I’ve been telling people for months that there is no same-sex romance arcs.


  2. thats awesome
    thats awesome
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    even for me (Cpt__awesome) its to much awesome xD
    its just the way she sais it i guess

    thanks for posting!!

  3. Seriously? It’s 2011 and STILL no same gender romances?
    Bioware needs to wake up and realize that it’s not just straight people that are going to play their game.

    • DJ Shadow says:

      This has nothing to do with BioWare. They have same gender romances in Dragon Age and will have them in Mass Effect 3. This boils down to Grand Master Lucas. He stated that there is no homosexuality in the Star Wars Universe. To my knowledge he hasn’t changed his views on that.

  4. Juhani is going to be upset about this.

  5. To the poster who must be wondering, comment won’t get approved without a real email address.

  6. The only thing I loved about this vid was the Australian Bioware Marketing Gal. Everything said in the interview has been said before countless times and well it was marketing. :)

  7. I was extremely disappointed to find out that same gender romance arcs won’t be in. Especially with the way that the question was answered, I think that LGBT player deserve a little bit more than a “No.”

  8. Although I am not exactly surprised, I was kind of hoping that BioWare would continue its record of inclusion on the issue of SGRAs. I am extremely disappointed that not only have they backtracked on this issue, but they have also chosen to address it in a kind of off-the-cuff-it’s-not-that-important way. Nope, no SGRAs….NEXT.

    I can only assume/hope that this was a decision made for them outside of BioWare and that they didn’t have final say. In the meantime, I hope they get their act together and give a real explanation to the many people who are upset by this major misstep.

  9. SameSexRomanceArcs says:

    Please people visit the forum and vote for same romance arcs. Even if it’s not for yourself..

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