Aug 3, 2011

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SWTOR FTW Episode 31: TORWars Community Highlight

FTW Broadcasting has just released episode 31 of their awesome TOR-related video cast SWTOR FTW. This episode highlights one of my favorite community sites dedicated to The Old Republic out there – TORWars!

I’ve had the chance to personally meet Jeff and David, the two chief bottle washers over at TORWars, and you just won’t meet two nicer guys with a passion for Star Wars and a passion for entertaining. They post tons of content every day, and have a sense of humor second to none. Oh, and then there’s the innate ability to find incomprehensible photos related to Star Wars. Seriously.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you aren’t reading TORWars or listening to their podcast (easily one of the most entertaining), you are missing out! This episode of SWTOR FTW is a perfect way to get acquainted with them.

  1. coltijedi says:

    no! my new article wasn’t included on it. well I guess CCZ isn’t that popular yet

  2. Thanks for the write-up Lethality. :)

    We didn’t pay FTW for that 12 minute commercial. I swear!

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