Jul 22, 2011

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Early Game Access Dependent Upon Pre-Order Code Redemption

This isn’t news as much as it is a public service announcement, but apparently there have been a number of questions surrounding Early Game Access. So many that Senior Community Manager Stephen Reid felt the need to clarify an important point via his personal Twitter feed:

@Rockjaw Your #SWTOR Early Game Access start time is solely based on when you redeem the Pre-Order Code, not based on edition.

We wanted a bit moire clarity on that point so we asked if that meant everyone will or won’t be getting the same amount of Early Game Access:

@askajedi So, would all players end up with the same amount of Early Game Access, or some would get less depending on code entry day/time?

@Rockjaw latter

This would seem to indicate that players wouldn’t all get the same time, depending on when their code was entered. Stephen added further clarification to ease some worries:

@Rockjaw Also, a few days delay in redeeming code right now does not mean you get much later admittance to Early Game Access.

So, if you are sitting on a pre-order redemption code, you might want to register it as soon as possible (you can do so right here.)  And if you purchased from a retailer who hasn’t sent your code yet – get on them about it!

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  1. Chronium says:

    I have to say that is a stupid system.

  2. Nighthaunter says:

    Sucks for people who ordered from Game in the UK (the only retailer selling the CE) as they are withholding codes till next Thursday.

  3. Sux for the people who preordered online and are having to wait for thier codes to show up. I ordered early in the morning yesterday and it took 24 to get my codes.

  4. Slavakov says:

    EBgames in Canada isn’t even getting their codes till next Wednesday D:

  5. Father11 says:

    Thanks to the time differens I ordered from the Danish Origin, 10 min after pre order release, I got my code within 1 hour.

    But more importantly how much time is early acces?
    1 hour? 1 day? 1 week? Come on Bioware,´if we can buy the game (pre order) at least let us know what we are buying….

  6. Father11 says:

    One last thing, not relevant to star wars, but all my thoughts go to my neighbors in Norway, Those were Cowards attacks.

  7. This. Honestly. Is DISGUSTING. I wanted the CE version. The only way to order that online in the UK is too order it from GAME. GAME will not give me the preorder code now.. so I have to wait. Meaning that I will have less of a headstart than everybody else, yet still paid £130.

  8. Perkunas says:

    Email confirmation as of 12:19 am Pacific July 21’st. GG early access.

  9. Tyranon says:

    I got my code within minutes of purchase. Digital Deluxe from Origin.

  10. Joshua.J says:

    My guess is headstart will be 3-5 days(I’ve never seen a game with more than this, and most with just a day or 2 for preorders), and you won’t loose any time until we pass into august, then you loose a day, maybe a day per month until launch.

  11. I’m still confused. They said CE gets 7 days and other editions gets 3 days. Is still correct?

    Does that mean other editions get 3 days AT MOST, but less if they pre-order later?

    Or does it mean you get your 3 days EARLIER but they’re still just the 3 days?

    • Lethality says:

      Hey Raul –

      No, the edition you purchase has no bearing on the amount of Early Game Access you get.

      What does, however, is redeeming your code. Apparently they will let people in in the order those were received… but to what extent the separation is, who knows.

      So for example, if Early Game Access is 7 days, then people let in on the first day get a full 7 days. People let in on the 2nd day only get 6 days, and so on. At least thats how it sounds to me.

    • I don’t believe they ever said CE was 7 days and other editions was 3. I thought that was something the community came up with and started passing around until it became gospel. It seemed to have sprung up with the leaked info, but I never saw it anywhere in the official pre-order FAQ or other information.

  12. There’s a lot of “sky is falling” going on in here. They are just talking in general terms right now. No one has said that if you entered your code yesterday you will get seven days but if you entered today you get six, and if you enter next week you get two. For all we know, all people who enter in July will get the same amount. Until they give us a real time table for this, there’s no reason to get all worked up.

    If we do find out that it is as extreme as some folks fear, then I’ll be right there with you in outrage. I got mine ordered and code entered yesterday bright and early. But to mess with fans who pre-ordered using the system in place and punish them for the limitations created by that system would anger me almost as much as you guys who would be affected by it. We’re all TOR fans together on this one, IMO.


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