Jul 21, 2011

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SDCC 2011: BioWare Base Q&A + TOR Reveal

The first of of 4 developer Q&A sessions held at BioWare Base has just concluded, and we’re treated with a few more “golden nuggets” of information. Some of it is new, and some of it is stuff we thought we knew but has been changed!

James Ohlen was joined by Rich Vogel, Dallas Dickenson and Stephen Reid to host the Q&A which was streamed on BioWare Pulse. Here are the highlights:

  • Collector’s Edition store is actually an exclusive location that only CE owners have access to!
  • Items from this store however will not give people an advantage in power, though weapons and armor will be available
  • Color Stone is gold in addition to adding effects
  • Sharding may be used on launch day, only if absolutely necessary (the practice of creating multiple copies of the same area)
  • Advanced Class change is in the game. 1st swap is cheap. After that it gets expensive
  • Companion AI – off-limits for talking about! James Ohlen is in trouble.
  • Companion customization is flexible, but you can’t swap their genders. You get customization kits to do this, and get more unlocked later
  • Speeder bikes and land speeders in direct response to player and fan feedback
  • No plans for a Mac version currently, Boot Camp suggested :(
  • An unannounced feature may get you access to different species/class combos
  • Ship interior customization – it’s in the design plan, but not in for launch
  • Lots and lots of titles in the game

As for the reveal, David Bass introduced a very lifelike statue of Darth Malgus. It looks like he’ll be their convention companion for years to come!

Watch live streaming video from biowaretv at livestream.com

Rich Vogel, Dallas Dickenson, James Ohlen, Stephen Reid - The Beatles

  1. chronium says:

    argh no one asked about the holocam

  2. Gratz on Sunwell Island 2.0, Solo players! I hope you enjoy your daily quests!

  3. lolsauce says:

    Are you prepared for about a million “I told ya so”s Lethality?

    “We curently have no plans to support a Mac version. We do have people who play it on Mac through bootcamp and bootcamp works great”

  4. Advanced Class change is in the game. 1st swap is cheap. After that it gets expensive

    Do NOT like. Just kills class variety

  5. father11 says:

    At bioware tv’s web page, they only show footage from dragon age 2.
    I wonna see the jedi gameplay from tattoine, I wont to see end game footage for all the classes.
    So far I can only find audio from the Panel, audio, I mean who cares about audio, We want video.

    Oh and one announcement is holiday shipping, Ask A Jedi told us that nearly half day in advance haha

  6. I thought it was said that you can respec your advanced class, not that you can change your advanced class. So with the Inquisitor you can respec within Assassin OR Sorcerer, not change from one to the other. Am I reading this wrong or just plain confused :p

  7. Timothy says:


    Can you please ask Bioware, what kind of measures are there to prevent a gradual mass-emigration of players to the highest level planets?

    For example when you reach level 50, why should players return to Tatooine (medium level)?

    If there’s no incentive, then most players will eventually reside in the capital worlds and top-end planets.

    This leaves leaves medium and lower level planets sparsely populated.

    • Lethality says:

      We’ve asked this a few times before, and they insist there will be valid reason to return to all planets… althoguh they wouldn’t be specific as to why. Right now I have faith. But I agree with you, it tends to make the world (galaxy) feel deserted otherwise.

      • Timothy says:

        I think top-level players return to origin worlds to complete story quests.

        All other planets offer no reason except maybe for some profession. Not much else.

        The only way they can revitalize medium and lower level planets later on is by adding zones to those planets where high-level players can do stuff, and make each of those zones unique per planet.

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