Jul 13, 2011

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E3 2011: Daniel Erickson Interview w/ GameReactor

Just as the San Diego Comic-con train* is about to leave the station, the E3 caboose is still in view!

GameReactor has just posted a nice video interview with BioWare Writing Director Daniel Erickson. During the chat, we hear about the immense polishing effort currently underway, but also some interesting comments about end-game:

GameReactor: What will I see at end-game if I am not interested in rolling “alts” (paraphrased)?

Daniel Erickson: You’ve got Operations, Warzones, and some full different content that we have not talked about yet.

Definitely worth a watch if you’re one of the TOR faithful… hop on over to GameReactor to check it out!


*Note: “train” does not imply “the” train.

Source: GameReactor
Via: Massively

  1. Yeah please dont mention “THE” train. you’ll most def start something on here like the forums. lol.

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