Jul 4, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Will You Leave Game Music Enabled?

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You’re running through Nar Shaddaa and you enter a bar populated by every kind of galactic life imaginable.  The holographic dancers brighten the otherwise dim room with their blue light, giving the partygoers an ethereal appearance.  Yet as you glance around the room, you feel that something isn’t right. As your mind leaves the world of Star Wars, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony floods your ears as you realize iTunes shuffled to a song you didn’t want to hear.

When playing MMOs in the past, I kept the game music on when I started up my first character. Taking in the world in the way it was meant to be experienced makes the first few days of the game really enjoyable.  However, since songs are divided by zone, players typically end up listening to the same songs repeatedly in high-level areas.  Inevitably, I turn the game music off and switch on my favorite Internet radio station.

Do you see yourself leaving TOR’s music enabled as you play? Or do you think your favorite Led Zeppelin song just won’t fit the Star Wars universe?

Do you usually leave the in-game music on while playing MMORPGs?

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Will you leave the in-game music on while playing TOR?

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Will this man influence your decision to leave the game music on?

  1. I never understood why anyone would do anything BUT leave the game music enabled… it’s literally half of what provides the immersion. I think people are missing out if they do otherwise.

  2. Chronium says:

    I always turn it off whenever I use vent so I can hear people speaking but after 6 months or a year I will probably stop listening to the in game music.

  3. Shapeless says:

    I leave it on when I’m getting started or when there are going to be cinematic scenes, but it’s just too repetitive to leave on all the time.

    Maybe TOR will be different, but right now, I see me turning it off after the first few months.

  4. TheDarkKnight says:

    When I level I have it on. When I grind mats I turn it off to play my own music and when I raid I turn the music off so I can hear instructions.


  5. Darth Peanut says:

    If there is one thing Star Wars is known for its the movie score so i would imagine the music to ToR being great so yes i will absolutely be leaving the sound on…happy 4th of july from the uk ;-)

  6. If the music is good I will leave it on but If it like the 1 min cycle of Stromwind orchestra I won’t leave it on very long.

    Although they said to have more then 5 hours of music last year.

  7. NocturnalDemise says:

    Considering I spend about 4-6 hours a day on my current MMO. More if I have the chance. I find it hard to listen to the same music over and over.

    It would be like listening to your favorite album for 6 hours every day. Sounds cool at first. But eventually it will get the “radio killed it” feel.

  8. There was an add-on for WoW called Soundtrack that enabled you to load your own MP3s over the zone music (you could even do boss fight music and there were a host of other options). I actually ended up changing almost the entire line-up during BC – and it was pretty fun to do that, see what music fit which zones, etc.

    I got very used to Ironforge with “Omaha” from Saving Private Ryan and the theme from the Hunt for Red October (yes, the one with the Russian chorus singing).

    While “immersion” has become a sort of scapegoat argument, I will say that, at least initially, I will have TOR’s music running. As for later, I cannot say – I will probably run with some combo of the music I like and what TOR has to offer.

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