Jul 1, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: How Do You Think We’ll Meet HK-47 In Game?

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“Interjection: Silence meatbags!”

This quote marks the return of one of the most beloved droids in Star Wars lore: HK-47.  I loved HK-47 for its comedy, but it was a miserable companion.  I remember how annoyed I was when I had to take it with me all over Tatooine to translate for the Sand People in KotOR.  Despite its ineffectiveness as a teammate, this particular droid has the most epic life story this side of R2-D2.

The appearance of Revan’s personal assassin droid in the Mysteries of Knights of the Old Republic trailer shows that HK-47 will once again leave his mark on the Star Wars universe.  But what happened to HK-47 between KotOR and TOR?

As he left for the Unknown Regions, Revan left HK-47 behind.  The Jedi Exile discovered HK-47 and the droid once again aided in defeating Dark Jedi.  When the Jedi Exile left Republic Space to search for Revan, no one knows whether she took HK-47 with her or not.

How do you think we’ll meet HK-47 in game? Will HK-47 offer quests to find out what happened to its former masters? Is HK-47 going to be an enemy guarding Revan’s secrets? Something we’re not even thinking about?

How do you think we'll meet HK-47 in-game?

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  1. I guess as a boss might be possible, but no way will he be a companion.

    I think he’ll be an integral NPC in some of the story, nothing more… but it would have to be a world arc, not a class story, since it wouldn’t be fair to exclude all classes but one.

  2. LazyBuddha says:

    Most likely it will be raid or flash point boss. They showed you him in a flash point so i would assume that ment he was the boss. Most likely he is the boss of the rebel robot flash point (i forget the name and am 2 lazy to go looking).

    The reason i would guess raid would be, hes a very well know char, and that would make a good raid boss.

  3. Chronium says:

    I’m picking all of the above. I believe he will be a regular NPC, then a raid boss, and then a rare companion that you can unlock.

  4. I think it’s likely that he will be a raid or flashpoint boss, but I’d be surprised if he wasn’t an NPC quest giver too. Generally, you don’t kill off well loved NPC’s by making them bosses, you give the players the chance to interact with them.

  5. DarthShnooky says:

    Great topic!

    I’d say NPC that will provide a great deal of story and quests, specifically with regard to the fates of Revan and the Exile. I don’t think companion since all the other 7 classes would complain (unless he’s unlockable for everyone like Chromium said, but I won’t bank on that). I don’t think he’s a boss in a raid or flashpoint, unless it’s one of those beat-him-up-til-just-before-dead-then-he-gives-up-and-starts-talking sort of things. I mean, c’mon, no one can kill HK-47!

  6. Exasperated: Of course we’ll see HK-47, meatbags!

    Incredulous: How could you expect there to be a game set in The Old Republic and it be missing one of the iconic characters of the previous chapter?

    Disingenuous: I’m sure he won’t be hostile to any player characters.

  7. As the last boss in a high level Flashpoint.

  8. noneyabiz says:

    I hope we can see him as a boss at least

  9. He’ll be the second to last boss in the Revan flashpoint. The last fight being a confrontation with a zombie Revan. But he will also be story interactive once you ‘beat’ him.

  10. Personally I believe if he’s in the game then he will play as some massive part in a flash point (For example.) On the “Black Talon” flashpoint there is the captain of the ship and their are 2 completely different paths you can take with the flashpoint, either kill the captain or help the captain. I think that if he will be in TOR at all then he should be the big decision maker on a flashpoint for both republic and empire…

  11. I hope to fight him in Revan’s complex, but also get a quest (or multiple) after defeating him and seeing him play some kind of role in the unfolding story surrounding Revan and where he ended up.

    I’m confident that BioWare will have the good sense not to give any class access to HK-47 (since no companion will belong to two different classes). As much as he is a unique droid, he’s not only out-dated, but I would expect him to be loyal to his former masters only and not just to any person who walks up to him and knocks him in the clunker.

  12. I think he will be related to some stories of course. But I guess there will be other HK-47 you can get as a companion. At least I would do it this way. ^^

    He might also be a Raid Boss, but that would be as dumb as in WoW, when all real Story Chars got defeated and WoW lost sense.

    So, yeah I’m for some kinda mix.


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