Jun 30, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: What Color Would Your Lightsaber Be?

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I still remember the conversation from Knights of the Old Republic II when one of your companions asks if you remember what color your lightsaber was. My character described that his lightsaber had been silver, like the waters in the Room of a Thousand Fountains in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.  It’s been more than five years since I played through KotOR II, and the description still rings true with me today.  My lightsaber would definitely be silver.

Many Jedi and Sith identify certain aspects of their training or background in the color of their lightsaber. Sith lightsabers are often red due to the tradition of choosing such a color. Jedi lightsabers are typically different according to training, with blue signifying a Jedi Guardian, green a Jedi Consular, and yellow a Jedi Sentinel. Other Jedi break this trend. Mace Windu wielded a purple lightsaber despite his advanced lightsaber training as a Jedi Guardian.

What color would your lightsaber be? Does your choice have some meaning behind it? Would you follow tradition?

What color would you have your lightsaber be?

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  1. I’m definitely more of a traditionalist… but what I wouldn’t mind seeing are some rare crystals (attainable somehow) that provide slight variations… like Ruby Red or Midnight Blue, etc.

  2. Chronium says:

    Well it depends on the circumstances for me. Black if it’s in the game, Orange if I’m in the Darth Hater guild, Red if I’m in a Canadian guild, and probably Green for my Jedi characters.

  3. SamStrife says:

    Orange, when I first saw Bastila with them orange blades I was like, “THAT!”

    But I’m going to be a smuggler first so it’s irrelivant.

  4. Darth Peanut says:

    well i will be a sith marauder so dual wield red…in the last cinematic trailer we saw the doomed jedi kight dual wield a 1 ended and a 2 ended saber…if this is possible ingame how sick would 2 2 ended red sabers look?

  5. I havent decided on my class yet but my lightsaber color will riding on that choice. I like to go with the more none traditional colors tho; orange, black, white, silver or purple :D

  6. My Guardian will most definetly be going Green Saber. My Sentinel, on the other hand, will be wielding one yellow, off-hand either orange or purple. Sage will be purple, or perhaps silver if it’s available. Shadow will use a double-saber in the color yellow.

    On the Sith side of things, Juggernaut will most definetly be a very angry Red. For Marauder, however, I’m thinking going orange. Both of the Inquisitor classes are undecided between purple and red, though I’ll probably go purple with Assassin and red with Sorcerer.

    And yeah… I’m setting myself up to do AT LEAST two playthroughs with each class. I’m altoholic naturally, and I think/know I will be even more with this game.

  7. I’m hoping for some crazy colors, or maybe some effects on them like the force unleashed had. Like the pulsing beams or the extra thing ones. But just by color, i would love to go black, but i foresee everyone doing that… so i would love a deep red orange one, not like a pumpkin like it was in KOTOR2. Keeps some of the sith vibe but giving me a more unique blade color. I hate to blend in.

  8. I’ve been leaning towards yellow or green the entire time, but now you’ve got me wondering if silver will be available in TOR, too. I would definitely go for that.

  9. Another Guy says:

    I want Sunrider’s Destiny. Best Crystal for a lightsaber EVER! Blue is a close second.

  10. Dariuas says:

    I wonder how a black saber would look!!

  11. Blue people! Blue!

  12. LazyBuddha says:


    Are highly unlikely.

  13. I’m really hoping that they give us an RGB system so you can create custom lightsaber colors. Like, a character can make a color crystal and you get a little screen with red, blue, and green sliders so you can make a completely unique color. I think that would give the game a great amount of personalization.

  14. I’m a purist of sorts, as well as a traditionalist in the sense that I want my character to be embodied quite simply in the way we saw the Force-using characters of the original trilogy. I’ll be going with a basic red lightsaber for my Sith Juggernaut.

  15. I’m a traditionalist. I didn’t play KOTOR II. The idea of a silver lightsaber just has me scratching my head. I’m secretly hoping that colours like silver will be limited to epic loot and thus make them both incredibly rare and very, very special. That I could live with. But 11% of Jedi running around with silver lightsabers is something I will (in my not so humble opinion) confess is a bit on the high side for me.

  16. Crazy88's says:

    I plan on being a gay jedi so I want a pink lightsaber … is this possible?

  17. DozingDawg says:

    Start with blue. But I don’t see why I would stay with one color.

  18. My favorite color is blue, but I still remember the first time I saw the green lightsaber amidst the vibrant life on the forest moon of Endor… the security of being around my family, and the magic that embodies the star wars universe, that makes me want to pick green, it’s a memory that is worth reliving every time I flip it on.

  19. Skywalker says:

    I would have a periwinkle lightsaber. I did this thing and choose special parts for my lightsaber. Both purple and blue fit my personality. So I combined them.

  20. James Hansen says:

    i would like to have a viridian saber like on star wars knights of the old republic 2

  21. James Hansen says:

    i would have one of every color and keep them on me at all times.

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