Jun 29, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Do You Ever Post On The Official Forums?

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Just like any MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic has a long development cycle.  The game was officially announced almost three years ago and the original community that formed around the announcement has grown.  Many fansites have cropped up, and more specialized podcasts have begun to emerge!

Many of the sites have forums where people can discuss TOR, but the most popular place to talk about TOR is – that’s right – the official forums.  Every announcement BioWare publishes receives hundreds of responses within hours of being posted.

However, many threads are hard to keep up with.  Personally, I feel that my comments get lost in a Chewbacca-sized flurry of posting.  I pride myself on my level-headedness and more than one of my speculations has turned out to be correct. But no one will ever know except for me… and maybe a few other random dudes whose posts also get quickly pushed out of view.

How about you? Do you post on the official forums? Do you think they serve as a good location to discuss TOR? If you don’t, why do you stay away?

Do you post on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic forums?

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  1. Some 5,000+ posts later? Yeah I post way to much. Though not as much recently.

  2. Absolutely not. The loudest, most vocal parts of the forum community – this goes for any MMO, really, but it’s already happening at SWTOR despite it not being open – cover the forums in a flurry of whining, demanding, and basically waving their humongous senses of entitlement everywhere.

    I stick to third-party sites and dev trackers, because the rest of the forums have a super-high ratio of noise to signal.

  3. Azral_dk says:

    I only really post in this one http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=297813&page=83 oh and every 2 week i star another release date thread by saying ” i read on gamespot that *something something* ” =P

  4. chronium says:

    After the majority of the features have been I announced I lost interest on discussing the game on the official forums.

  5. I’ve always found that the most vocal minorities end up on the official forums complaining about this and that. Like Stoppableforce said, they all sound so entitled to whatever their personal vision of the game is.

    We have to remember that Bioware is creating a game for us, we’re not giving them a mandate and they make it for us. Their vision, their game, stop complaining you’ll play it in the end anyway.

  6. btowl1818 says:

    I avoid the official forums like I would the plague.

  7. DarthShnooky says:

    I voted “No, but I do read them” though this really should say “…but i do read them, sometimes, when i need to feel a deep sense of hatred for mankind in general.” I try to avoid the forums since too often it just becomes a cesspool of whining and useless arguing over topics that are purely speculation. Those few posts made by reasonable, intelligent people seem to get lost too quickly, drowning in the sea of demands for a release date and cries of rage over missing features that were never intended to be in the game.

    My opinion of the forums is best summed up by a comment i made here the other day: If everything in the game that someone complained about on the official forums was removed, then we would receive a blank DVD on release date. I’m sure someone would complain about that, however, and a patch would ensure that the DVD no longer existed. At which point more people would complain about the DVD nerf and Bioware would develop a system in which the blank DVD was in a Schrodinger’s Cat type of a state of simultaneous existence and non-existence!

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