Jun 16, 2011

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The MMO Report: G4's Uncle Casey Talks To BioWare's Uncle Blaine

If you’re more than just a casual MMO gamer, you’re probably familiar with The MMO Report on G4 TV hosted by Casey Schreiner. But if you’re like me and have DirecTV, which has removed G4, you can now only see the MMO Report on the web.┬áBut that’s ok, because it’s the same on the web as it is on TV!

So, embedded below is the most recent episode, which appropriately enough is the E3 2011 Special. Since there was no lack of MMO news coming out of E3, it’s an episode chock-full of good info.

But we’re interested in The Old Republic, right? Since that’s the case, you can skip right to 12:40 in the video to see Casey discuss the finer points of TOR with Senior Live Producer Blaine Christine.

For the hardcore followers of TOR, there may not be much new information in here, but we do learn that Tatooine is content that is still considered in the first “chapter” of our class story.

So needless to say, if you’re reading this, you should check it out!

  1. LazyBuddha says:

    Was looking threw the dev tracker and seen this its a list of the progression in chapter 1


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