Jun 8, 2011

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E3 2011 – Official Eternity Vault Gameplay Video

BioWare has just released the official Eternity Vault gameplay video that we’ve caught glimpses of on the web and that was shown behind closed-doors here at E3.

This trailer provides a beautiful, hi-res look at the environments and action, and I can tell you that seeing it in person is even more awe-inspiring. It looks like BioWare is going to provide true, best-in-class raiding, er, Operating!

  1. Mr_Fester says:

    Oh interesting, Raid/Operation? Looks like a 16 man or 24?

    • Lethality says:

      They have confirmed there are larger (than 8 man) raids. But we don’t know what… maybe a 16 or a 20 here? Either way, looks AWESOEME.

      • So far in the screenshots I’ve seen, there have been at least 15 people present. So, operations will be either 16 or higher.

  2. Yeah, this trailer isn’t nearly enough of the info I wanted about Operation’s. I wanted numbers, boss specifics (not story spoilers though), but saying all that, this trailer is the perfect tease. This place looks so substantial and epic in a way that WoW’s, and other MMO’s, just never manage to capture. Weather that’s just good editing I’m not sure, but damn! – do I want to go smash this place up and learn it’s secrets…

  3. I just cant get enough!

    The amount of quality videos that have come out of E3/swtor.com website in the last week is starting to make me crack! :( I need to get my hands on this game! I think I’ve watched all the videos at least 5+times since release :D

    • I’m in the same boat, dude. Every time I sit around on my computer checking the news I just stare at these videos and slobber.

  4. This looks really exciting. I hope that the story gives me reason to want to be there besides shiny epic loot.

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