Jun 8, 2011

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E3 2011 – Official Eternity Vault Gameplay Video

BioWare has just released the official Eternity Vault gameplay video that we’ve caught glimpses of on the web and that was shown behind closed-doors here at E3.

This trailer provides a beautiful, hi-res look at the environments and action, and I can tell you that seeing it in person is even more awe-inspiring. It looks like BioWare is going to provide true, best-in-class raiding, er, Operating!

  1. Mr_Fester says:

    Oh interesting, Raid/Operation? Looks like a 16 man or 24?

  2. Yeah, this trailer isn’t nearly enough of the info I wanted about Operation’s. I wanted numbers, boss specifics (not story spoilers though), but saying all that, this trailer is the perfect tease. This place looks so substantial and epic in a way that WoW’s, and other MMO’s, just never manage to capture. Weather that’s just good editing I’m not sure, but damn! – do I want to go smash this place up and learn it’s secrets…

  3. I just cant get enough!

    The amount of quality videos that have come out of E3/swtor.com website in the last week is starting to make me crack! :( I need to get my hands on this game! I think I’ve watched all the videos at least 5+times since release :D

  4. This looks really exciting. I hope that the story gives me reason to want to be there besides shiny epic loot.

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