Jun 7, 2011

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E3 2011 – Tattooine Gameplay Video + Images

When the doors opened on E3 2011, the mad rush, as usual, was on! But the rush wasn’t nearly as mad thanks to the Electronic Arts booth, and the TOR queue line being right inside the front door! So, that made it easier to get some early gameplay screenshots and video you’re about to see!

The groups playing were level 25 and allowed to roam free on Tattooine, previously unseen beyond some screenshots. You can see them hopping on vehicles, interacting with the map and of course combat with Sand People! It also shows what appears to be a newer build, as it contains the recently revealed new User Interface.

The video is from the perspective of the Sith Warrior Marauder, and we’re currently processing the video and will have it posted Soon™ – But for now below are some pics.

Disclaimer: There was a 40 foot tall (literally) blinding HD screen of death right across from these very nice, but very glossy TOR monitors on the outside of the booth. This made it nearly impossible to get a head-on shot or video of the game without any reflection (I would have killed for normal glare, but this was like a mirror!)

With that out of the way…. Enjoy, and we’ll shout out when we have the video uploaded, and update this post!

Gameplay Video

Image Gallery

  1. Where’s the video? :)

  2. Ajay (R2D2) says:

    lol @ those TOR Wars peeps interviewing cute girls :P

  3. Had a couple questions after watching that live feed. Thought you guys might know some of it.

    Can you adjust the flying combat numbers? They seem huge.
    Can your vehicle take damage or be destroyed?
    Does the blue light on loot drops mean there is a special type of loot?
    Can you use the med bot revive in pvp?

    Thanks! :)

  4. Wilheim says:

    I might be in love. Oh, and TOR looks good too…

  5. Dakota H says:

    Very nice. Great video, guys. Hope to see more.

  6. It’s a shame the guy playing spent so much time just figuring out where to go. The combat looks fluid and intricate. Makes me excited about the idea of playing a lightsaber user!


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