Jun 3, 2011

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GameSpot E3 Preview – Raids, Mounts, Tattooine & More!

GameSpot has just posted what is the second external update that Stephen Reid alluded to earlier today! (An MMORPG interview with Georg Zoeller was the first.) It seems to be a virtual pre-E3 smorgasbord!

Talking about raids, we know now that they’re called “Operations” in The Old Republic:

GameSpot: One of the most popular activities for high-level players in online games these days is to go on high-end raids in search of powerful loot and other rewards. Tell us about the raiding game in Star Wars: The Old Republic. How will it improve on the kinds of raid gameplay we’ve seen in other games?

Gabe Amantangelo: What you’d know as raids in other MMOs, we’re calling “operations” in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Operations will be epic, multi-group events with settings and immersive gameplay inspired by scenes in theĀ Star Wars movies. For examples, players will have to navigate the environment as a powerful Force wielder brings down the room around them; they’ll have to work together to solve a code and fend off enemies while they’re cornered, and so on.

There is just a ton of info over there, so check it out while we continue to comb through the details!


  1. Electrocuting Jawas FTW. That was a great video. Can’t wait to PLAY DA GAME!!!!

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