May 6, 2011

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Friday Update: Introducing The Codex – Dev Blog By Damion Schubert

In another awesome developer blog in the scope of the user interface, Damion Schubert walks player through the in-game Codex, which is sure to please many fans:

Overall, the codex system has been successful at meeting our two design goals of providing more fictional context to the player, and providing an explorer mini-game with meaningful rewards.

He goes on to talk about rewards for exploration, and how the Datacrons feed into that:

While most codex entries can be obtained with the players stretching their legs (searching the whole map, killing obvious targets you don’t normally need to kill), finding datacrons typically requires a little extra exploration and a even little ingenuity. While some are hidden, many are in plain sight – the trick is often in figuring out how to get to that datacron that you see on a ledge off in the distance.

While these systems exist in other gaming genres, they take on a bit of a different tone in an MMO where it really helps to develop the believability of the persistent world we’re all playing in.

Hop on over to the official site for the full read on this most awesome topic!

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