Apr 28, 2011

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FSS 2011: Group Q&A Sessions With Developers

A big part of the Fan Site Summit this week was interaction with the developers whom are all busy working on our upcoming obsession.

While each site had the chance to interview one developer in a one-on-one situation, there were also Group Q&A sessions structured where each site in attendance could ask 1 or 2 questions.

The Group Q&A Sessions were as follows:

There wre some really great questions asked by all of the fan sites – from roleplaying to crafting to PvP to theorycrafting. In particular, the Georg Zoeller Q&A was great – Georg puts forth the same straight-forward approach he’s become known for on the forums.

Thanks to Brooks for handling the sound recording duties for these sessions, and providing us with quality audio!

Daniel and Blane

Daniel and Blane

  1. chronium says:

    are there part 2’s for the Q&A’s? since they all end abruptly.

  2. Thanks guys/gals that was really good.


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