Apr 5, 2011

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Official PAX East 2011 Highlight Video

In a special Tuesday update, BioWare has released a great video chock full of highlights from PAX East!

PAX East was an amazing experience for us this year. We were humbled by the enthusiasm the community showed for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, and got the chance to meet with thousands of fans. We were overwhelmed by the response to the game; fans filled the queue for the game every single day within minutes, and many waited hours to get their hands on Taral V.

The video does a great job at capturing the excitement and vibe of PAX East… and yes I can tell you it seemed like the TOR booth ALWAYS had the biggest crowds (and that’s not even counting the folks waiting in the line to play!)

If you were at PAX East, take a look and see if you can spot yourself!

  1. Some of those ladies were really smoking hot in that vid. Oh and the highlights were cool too.

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