Jan 27, 2011

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New Flashpoint Reveal: Taral V

In a very nice Friday Eve surprise announcement, GameSpot was able to exclusively reveal Taral V – an all-new Flashpoint deep in Republic territory!

We’re introduced to Taral V through a 2-minute long video in which we see an abundance of new things. New abilities, new locations and even a surprise appearance by a member of Yoda’s species!

In addition to the video, BioWare World Designer Jesse Sky discusses the Taral V Flashpoint with GameSpot:

The emperor is holding a powerful Jedi captive in his personal prison–a massive space station at the heart of the Maelstrom Nebula. Only a Gree computer is capable of navigating the treacherous cosmic storms that surround the prison. Fortunately, the Republic has learned that the Empire guards just such a device on the remote jungle world of Taral V.

Further down in the Q&A, Jesse comments on the overall development progress of the game:

Development is going very well, and we’re all happy to be heading into our home stretch. We’ve been receiving some incredibly positive feedback from our ongoing game testing program, which has let us better balance combat, item drops, and quest flow, plus plenty more.

Taral V is spoken of as a” jungle world,” but its not clear if its a true planet reveal, or if you visit Taral V only via the Flashpoint.

Also of note is the statement about the play time. GameSpot reports that Taral V can be played through in about 90 minutes, with a completionist play-through taking perhaps 2 hours. And that is the average play-through time of most Flashpoints. Sounds good to us :)

Head on over to GameSpot to check out the whole interview!

  1. ScreamAndRoar says:

    Although I enjoyed the video, the Yoda species guy looks a bit like a bobblehead toy.

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