Sep 24, 2010

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Friday Update: Smuggler Holonet + Blood of The Empire #12

The Friday update is indeed arrived! And for yours truly, it’s the best one yet!

Today, BioWare has updated the official Star Wars: The Old Republic site with the full-on Holonet update for the Smuggler class! Not only do we get a revamped page, but we also find out about his ship, his first companion Bowdaar the wookiee and more!

Gunslinger Bad-assery

Gunslinger Bad-assery

Our hero and Bowdaar

Our hero and Bowdaar

Head on over to the official Smuggler page for all of the shady details!

Also this week, we’re treated to the finale of the latest web comic – Blood of the Empire #12. Suffice it to say, Teneb Kel reaffirms his “Sithiness”.

And as always, don’t forget to check out Darth Hater for their dissection and Aurebesh translations!

  1. Make sure you watch the video on this page:

    it gives a tour of the ship inside, and also shows what might be a Jedi Knight companion!!!!

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