Sep 18, 2010

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Hasbro confirms The Old Republic action figures for 2012

Back in June, Kotaku reported that Hasbro had The Force Unleashed and The Old Republic action figures on their wish list. Well, it seems now that wish is coming true.

In the September 17 episode of The ForceCast, answers from an interview with Hasbro’s Derryl DePriest confirmed the plans:

0:44:00 – And as we look at 2012, that’s really where we think we’re going to look at The Force Unleashed II and The Old Republic. We have to work in some of those great characters.

So, the obvious quesiton is – what TOR character would YOU like to see in action figure form? Could be the coolest ones might be the ones we don’t know about yet… Oh, and of course, HK-47 :)

Thanks to Star Wars: The Old Republic community member Moza for finding this little tidbit!

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  1. HK-47 is a must. Beyond that? I think Teneb Kel has to be part of the first wave…

  2. Malgus, definitely.
    And then the Emperor (host body? Clone? ????) and Satele Shan.

  3. LordOfTheDance says:

    No good dirty Hasbro making me tempted to buy children’s toys. ;)

    Personally, though a Republic loyalist, people like Revan and Malgus would make much more attractive action figure choices then those who are generally on our side.

  4. Satele Shan, easily. I’m not even going to – immediately – be a Republic player, and I would still be stoked to see Satele Shan made into action figure form.

    Darth Malgus would be one of the best from the Empire side, along with Teneb Kel (and if Teneb is revealed to be him, a separate gear attachment to make Teneb look more like Darth Thanaton).

    Other than that, the Consular & Trooper from “Hope”, Jedi Master Ven Zallow from “Deceived”, as well as HK-47, and Shae Vizla would be good characters to make into action figures. I could see myself buying a few of those for my little cousin (and slipping a few extras for myself, on the down low…)

  5. What they need to do are the companion characters.

    I remember how fond I was of Mission and Bastila (and, yes, HK) back when I was playing KOTOR1.

    Vette, Kaliya and the IA’s Femmebot are already looking pretty sweet – once we know their stories they are gonna rock.

  6. HK-47 has to be released again. Qyzen Vess and T…7? I have little doubt they’re making Malgus and Satele. Probably a few trooper and Jedi variations.

  7. Satele Shan, as an action figure would be great if she is about the size of the unleashed figures. I would buy a couple if possible. I would love to see others as well. Way to go Hasbro!!!!

  8. Please make a satele Shan she is my favorite charecter in TOR

  9. I would love to see these figures:

    -Satale Shan
    -Exal Kressh
    -Darth Malgus (Confirmed)
    -Shae Vizla (Confirmed)
    -The Emperor

    Well, I can just keep going…

  10. Satele Shan is a must…


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