Sep 9, 2010

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Ask A Jedi: Can non-force users wield a light saber?

If you spend any time on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic forums, you are sure to have seen his passion and prose regarding all things Jedi. You know him as Professor Walsh. Each week (or thereabouts,) Professor Walsh will answer a few reader-submitted questions in order to enlighten us all with the ways of the Jedi. You can submit your own question at the end of the article!

Dear Jedi,

Can a non-force user wield a light saber? If so, how come we don’t see more of them out there?

Dear Anonymous,

This is a complicated question, but in short, yes. Non-Force Users can indeed use a lightsaber.

Han Solo did it, but didn’t fight with it. In a non-canon story Boba Fett did however. In Episode III, the Clone Wars miniseries, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars General Grevious does too. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 2 Pre Viszla does it as well as one of the thieves who stole Ahsoka’s. In season 3 of the same show we know Cad Bane jumps on the bandwagon as well. Finally we have Anja Gallandro, who appeared in Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights in the novel Return to Ord Mantell by Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moestra.

So we have G, T, and C canon examples of it happening.

Now, how come we don’t see any more of them out there? Well, to be honest, they aren’t very good weapons unless you are Force Sensitive. You need to Force to block blaster bolts with them because that requires being able to predict where a shot that moves at that high of a velocity will land. You can’t really beat a Jedi with one unless you are Force Sensitive or otherwise enhanced.

  • Pre Viszla got more or less humiliated by Obi-wan Kenobi when he tried it.
  • General Grevious had to rely on cybernetic augmentation and we saw how that didn’t help much against Obiwan.
  • Boba Fett even lost the second Darth Vader decided to use the Force against him.
  • Anja Gallandro was only as effective as she was with her lightsaber because she was hopped up on drugs, even then it was shown how sloppy and unrefined she was compared to a Jedi.
  • The Thief that tried it was easily beaten by an old and physically infirm Jedi Master in one motion.

So, you end up basically with what a lightsaber is: a melee weapon that has as much of a chance of damaging you as it does damaging your enemy. Yes, it is cool, yes it can cut through just about everything, but it is still bringing a knife to a blaster fight unless you have the powers needed to make up for that weakness.

Dear Jedi,

Who was your favorite Mandalore? Personally I prefer Mandalore the Preserver

Dear Anonymous,

I don’t have a favorite Mandalore, if I had to have a favorite Mandalore it would have to be good old Canderous Ordo.

Dear Jedi,

Do you know if there was ever a Mandalorian Jedi? If not, then why?

Dear Anonymous,

We know that there were some Mandalorian Force Sensitives but mostly it is their lifestyle. In order to be a Jedi a Mandalorian would have to turn their back on their culture. Since being Mandalorian is a culture and not a race if you turn your back on being it, then you aren’t one. So that is the main reason why there are no Mandalorian Jedi.

Lego Luke

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  1. Clayton Blackwell says:

    (Non Jedi using Lightsabers)

    In cannon history of the Star Wars Universe it is said that the Light-Rapier was in fact a favored dueling weapon of the rich elite. While I will admit it also states that these weapons were not built as well as a true lightsaber they were fairly common in that circle.

    Clayton Blackwell (Darth Nychus)

    • If I were a Je’daii light rapier (dominant hand) with a backup light-shoto (off-hand) would my favourite weapon(s) for one to one combats for I’ve long noticed all of seven the lightsaber forms focus on slice and dice. I on the other hand, would like to poke a thousand holes into my opponent.

      On a serious note, cut/slash focused sword (saber) disciplines are vulnerable against rapier fencing style i.e. they cannot effectively parry thrusts.

  2. Gage Brown says:

    Dear Jedi, there is such thing as a madalorian Jedi, take cade Skywalker for example. He was orinenly a Jedi then saw his dad die and then became the leader of the mandalors, he even changed the emblem of the mandalors.

    • ZeroStarkiller says:

      What? keep away from the deathsticks son, Cade Skywalker was a Jedi Padawan, was rescued by space pirates lead by the Feeoring Pirate named Rav, whose Black Flag Cade changed adding the Mandalorian Mythosaur skull to make it its own personal symbol, he was not a Mandalorian and never joined them nor joined any Mandalorian faction.

  3. Doomblade says:

    I don’t know for sure, but aren’t mandarlorians human?

    • ZeroStarkiller says:

      Originally yes, then came the Neo Crusade movement and any member of any species willing to adopt the mandalorian ways and culture could join them as a Neo Crusader earning a place on their society, the unspoken choices were being enslaved or executed.

  4. Doomblade says:

    Ment to put dear Jedi at the front

  5. My father in law has read most of the books and he says they indicate that Han has the force but believe in it. Is this true or not?

  6. A force users power is not their light saber, the light saber is just a symbol of their full potential minimized and directed rather than berserk and un-regulated. As strange as that sounds even the Sith have common sense, using nothing but their sheer will would accomplish nothing. This was further realized in that one scene with Duku and Yoda. Where Duku explains the merits of their confrontation should be decided by light sabers rather than the force. Think of the light saber as a lightening rod, the rod itself is just an inanimate object so the likelihood of anyone being able to wield one is not so remote. The better question is why would they want to? They would be up against a force user, a sith would just snap a commoners neck or in Vadar’s case a force grip.

    “My father in law has read most of the books and he says they indicate that Han has the force but believe in it. Is this true or not?”

    This is possible to be more accurate the force flows through everything, it is everywhere as credited by Ben Kenobi himself. The concept of force initiates was never razed in the movies, but it was basically suggesting in the books that everyone has the potential to wield the force. The initiate would be the closest thing to that realization. That aside the new episode 8 alternate reality explores the idea of Leia having force powers, which is not that hard to imagine but has nothing to do with her family tree. Considering Amidala was never a force user. In the movies force sensitives were the equivalent of an initiate, this was explained from the perspective of Vadar’s plunge towards the dark side and killing a school of jedi children. A force sensitive from the movies is not to be mistaken for the ones in books, totally different concepts.

  7. MatchesAramis says:

    Dear Jedi,

    Are there any non-force sensitive Jedi? If so, who? If not, why not?

  8. After watching the force awakened how dose Finn fight against Kale Rinn so well with a light saber if he is not a force sensitive

    • elparanorman says:

      Finn wasn’t really that great with a lightsaber. In fact, none of the characters do. Kylo, Rey, and Finn pretty much just hack at each other hoping for the best. Finn still lost against a stormtrooper while he was armed with the lightsaber. Finn totally lost to Kylo and Kylo was just using brute force, if I remember correctly. Kylo and Rey were also just hacking at each other until Rey concentrated on the force to defeat Kylo. None of them are Jedi masters or Sith lords. Kylo Ren hasn’t completed his training to become a full Sith yet and the backstory on Rey is still a mystery.

      • ZeroStarkiller says:

        I agree completely, remember the old days when fighting with a lightsaber meant you had skills, now is like watching toddlers whack each others with foam sticks. Darth Maul would turned all three of them into roasted pork chops at the same time… not to mention padawan versions of Anakin and Ahsoka Tano… what am I saying, loose Jar Jar on them armed with a spoon and they would die horribly withing 10 seconds.

  9. Disney dropped the ball she is likes daughter they released a beta for the force awakens game and Ren just said “fight me cousin!” So yah just goes to show how good Disney is at making non animated movies suitable for adults.

    • Frankbeans says:

      No he doesn’t. He says “face me” as a phrase and also “curses” as a phrase. Put together it was confused for what you said.

  10. if the struggle for jedi and force sensitives was so great why was it never discussed that Leia become a jedi or at least force skilled? (like having force abilities but none of the combat saber training.) surely it could have been useful and still safe for her cause she wouldn’t be concisidered a threat untill she was full jedi trained, I assume.

    • Leia not becoming a Jedi in the current Disney cannon is likely because, by the time she found out she was a Skywalker, there were no Jedi masters left to teach her possibly combined with her having no desire to become one after finding out about her father’s fall. Luke was Kenobi’s and then Yoda’s apprentice and even then, he didn’t obtain knighthood until he defeated Vader – he was in no position to teach younglings at that point, let alone his mid-20’s, totally untrained sister and by the time he obtained mastery sufficient that teaching an older pupil would be remotely feasible, it was far too late to begin Leia’s training and Ben Solo pretty much destroyed the new Jedi Order anyway, causing Luke to go into hiding meaning there was, yet again, no masters available to train her, even if she desired it.

      It was dangerous for Luke to start Jedi training – remember, Anakin was a good 10 years younger than Luke when he started his training and that was a disastrous decision. However, Luke didn’t have many attachments and thus didn’t succumb to the fear of losing them like Anakin did, what with being raised in relative isolation and having his uncle/aunt killed. Leia had far more attachments, having been raised on a populated world, having been a senator, etc.

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