Jul 7, 2010

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Thursday – "Great Day for BioWare Fans"

UPDATE: Sadly, our suspicions were correct – it’s not TOR related whatsoever. BioWare just announced DragonAge 2 though, so if that floats your boat, check out the new site: http://dragonage.bioware.com/da2/

I’m cautiously posting this here, because there’s a 99% chance it has nothing to do with The Old Republic… but thought it was interesting enough to pass along, since many of us are BioWare fans as well:

@biofeed (the official BioWare Twitter feed) just posted this:

2morrow will be a great day for BioWare fans. Just sayin’

What does it mean? No idea. We hope it’s TOR related, but in our experience @biofeed doesn’t push too much TOR info out.

We’ll know in about 24 hours!

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