Jul 24, 2011

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SDCC 2011: GameSpot Talks To Cory Butler

GameSpot has been on the spot with brining some decent coverage from Comic-Con, and they’re not done yet!

They took some time to speak with BioWare Producer Cory Butler (Editor’s Note: Look for our interview with Cory coming soon!) where he was able to give some general information about the game (Editor’s Note: Our interview is the opposite of this one ;) )

In any case, if you’re an all-consuming fan of all-things TOR, the video is embedded here for your enjoyment. Again, no new info for hard-core followers, but in the interest of completeness, here you go:

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Jul 22, 2011

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SDCC 2011: GameSpot Video Of TOR Panel Now Available

GameSpot has posted the video of yesterday’s Star Wars: The Old Republic: Join Us, It’s Your Destiny panel. Great HD and audio, of course!

No more words I can say will help… just watch!

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Jul 21, 2011

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SDCC 2011: BioWare Base Q&A + TOR Reveal

The first of of 4 developer Q&A sessions held at BioWare Base has just concluded, and we’re treated with a few more “golden nuggets” of information. Some of it is new, and some of it is stuff we thought we knew but has been changed!

James Ohlen was joined by Rich Vogel, Dallas Dickenson and Stephen Reid to host the Q&A which was streamed on BioWare Pulse. Here are the highlights:

  • Collector’s Edition store is actually an exclusive location that only CE owners have access to!
  • Items from this store however will not give people an advantage in power, though weapons and armor will be available
  • Color Stone is gold in addition to adding effects
  • Sharding may be used on launch day, only if absolutely necessary (the practice of creating multiple copies of the same area)
  • Advanced Class change is in the game. 1st swap is cheap. After that it gets expensive
  • Companion AI – off-limits for talking about! James Ohlen is in trouble.
  • Companion customization is flexible, but you can’t swap their genders. You get customization kits to do this, and get more unlocked later
  • Speeder bikes and land speeders in direct response to player and fan feedback
  • No plans for a Mac version currently, Boot Camp suggested :(
  • An unannounced feature may get you access to different species/class combos
  • Ship interior customization – it’s in the design plan, but not in for launch
  • Lots and lots of titles in the game

As for the reveal, David Bass introduced a very lifelike statue of Darth Malgus. It looks like he’ll be their convention companion for years to come!

Watch live streaming video from biowaretv at livestream.com

Rich Vogel, Dallas Dickenson, James Ohlen, Stephen Reid - The Beatles

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Jul 21, 2011

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SDCC 2011: Star Wars: The Old Republic Panel Recap

Comic-Con has long been a venue for fans connecting with the actors and creators of their favorite thingsā€¦ so it makes perfect sense that BioWare might use this venue to do some of the same!

During the panel, for the first time, BioWare introduced some of the actors who will be voicing characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic!

New Jedi Consular romanceable companion revealed named Nadia, voiced by actress Holly Fields

Some other voice actors in the game:

Other New Information

  • New pre-order trailer with all classes
  • New vehicles – including a land speeder!
  • You can change appearance of companions, not just through gear but also skin color
  • 19 major worlds and many more small worlds – sounds like 2 more are yet to be announced
  • Companions may get AI control similar to Dragon Age
  • Solo players have an entire endgame planet to themselves
  • Quick travel system between planets – NOT map travel though
  • Some type of bonus for re-rolling (Legacy system?)
  • Free pre-order codes to the crowd!
  • Beta weekends in September will be huge – lots of people
  • Pre-order now! (This was their big announcement, if it hadn’t leaked)
  • Release – “Holiday 2011”

There will no doubt be some new media and assets such as trailers and screens released, and we’ll post them here as soon as we can!

TOR Panel

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Jul 20, 2011

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San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Full Frontal Coverage!

Convention season is in full swing, and the world’s largest pop culture convention is now upon us. For fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic, San Diego Comic-Con promises to be a show to remember!

Of course, Ask A Jedi has troops on the ground in San Diego poised to bring you interviews, news and pics direct from the show. And hopefully a few surprises…

But we also want to provide the most comprehensive coverage of TOR @ SDCC. To that end, we’ll keep this post updated with the very best coverage we find from around the web, and if you see something we missed please let us know and we’ll add it!

So what’s going on that we need to pay attention to? Glad you asked! This is the only post you’ll need to keep up with it all… Read on!

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