Dec 13, 2011

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Early Access Developer Chat With Best Buy

Big-box electronics retailer Best Buy has recently been trying to reach out to the gaming community more than ever. This turns out to be very good news for fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic today :)

To celebrate the beginning of Early Game Access, Best Buy will be hosting a developer chat with Game Director James Ohlen, Writing Director Daniel Erickson and Lead End-game Designer Gabe Amatangelo. The talk will take place today, December 13th at 7PM Austin time (Central Standard Time) over  on Best Buy’s site.

Personally, I’m going to be knee-deep in my Smuggler story by then, but drop by if you can, it’s bound to be great! Let us know if they drop any juice info :)

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Nov 1, 2011

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Sith Inquisitor Story & Voice Actors Detailed

The Sith Inquirer is a great little blog that focuses exclusively on, surprise, the Sith Inquisitor class! Today they came up with a roundhouse kick (or roundhouse Force Lightning?) for the TOR community – an exclusive interview with BioWare Writing Director Daniel Erickson.

In the Q&A, Erickson discussed the story written by Rebecca Harwick, and also was able to reveal some details on working around Sith Purebloods being slaves, and also the voice actors who we’ll here in the game as both the male and female Sith Inquisitor:

Our Sith Inquisitor male is played by Euan Morton and our Sith Inquisitor female is played by Xanthe Elbrick. Both brought interesting takes on the role that were unexpected. Xanthe, particularly, brought a subtle understanding of the character and an ability to convey a huge amount of meaning while saying something completely different.

I’ve been following TSI for some time, and can’t wait to see what’s in store. These content-specific and class-specific sites are going to be very important to TOR going forward (think Shadow Panther, TankSpot, etc.) Head on over for the full read!

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Oct 17, 2011

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NYCC: Facebook Q & A With Daniel Erickson

Over the weekend, Lead Writer Daniel Erickson took the time out at New York Comic Con to answer a plethora of questions on Facebook. They’re on the Facebook page, so if you have “Liked” them you likely have seen these by now, but otherwise here’s the transcription for everyone else!

Thomas Haugeberg: Is there going to be an end for this game’s story? Will one side rule in the end?

Daniel: We know where the galaxy ends up in the next 3000 years but there’s a long way to go until we get there and hopefully (since we all like our jobs) that story won’t be ending anytime soon!

Jason Trent: Are all “romances” with non-companion NPC’s one night stands or are some of them fully fleshed out romances?

Daniel: Some of them are long term romances, some actually spanning across several chapters.

Travis Clay Henry: What character in ToR has been your favorite to write thus far?

Daniel: Vette. Writing a complete character from start to finish is one of the most self-indulgent things we get to do as writers and Vette’s strange romance path with a former master was an interesting challenge.

Lead writer and Republic sympathizer Daniel Erickson.

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Oct 13, 2011

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NYCC: Interview Triple-Play At Newsarama

If you’re looking for some live coverage of TOR at New York Comic Con while it’s happening this weekend, look no further than Newsarama! They have not one… not two… but THREE live interviews scheduled with some of the folks we know and love from BioWare!

The schedule is as follows, all times Eastern:

  • Thursday, October 13: Senior Community Manager, Stephen Reid – 3:00PM
  • Friday, October 14: Game Director, James Ohlen – 5:30PM
  • Saturday, October 16: Writing Director, Daniel Erickson – 11:00AM

All of this live content (and others from Newsarama) can be viewed right here! Tune in, because you just never know what they might say!

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Oct 2, 2011

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French Q&A With Daniel Erickson: Species, Open World PvP And Romance

Guild Chimera has posted a great video of the Star Wars: The Old Republic Meet & Greet last week in France. Daniel Erickson was the man on the spot, and there’s actually some good information, including a comment on just how explicit romance arcs and scenes will be:

Our guide is old 1940’s and 50’s serial movies. We always say if you don’t know about a subject, we’re not going to teach you.

Daniel also talks a bit about world PvP, and what’s behind it all:

One of the crystals got in the hands of Imperial intelligence… and realized there was  technology to be used for ships, not just lightsabers – specifically the crystals on Ilum… The Republic is trying to push them out and preserve what there is about Ilum, and the Empire is trying to mine as much stuff as fast as they can, and has no problems collapsing half the planet and blowing things up… they don’t mind if it’s destroyed when they leave.

And a small tidbit on game master live events:

I very much doubt that we would see game master events. I think those are going to probably end up remaining a relic of much smaller days of MMOs.

Finally, a fan posted an interesting question about the cyborg and species… Daniel revealed there might be some news coming and there will be “one more run” at species! You have to give a listen, let us know what you think it means!

The first part of the video is Daniel giving an overview of the game to the crowd, but the Q&A stats at about 4:15. Definitely worth a watch!

Evènement communautaire français : vidéo et… by Chimaera-SWTOR

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